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Nick Newman Sets Summer Straight Over Sally

The Y&R recap for Tuesday, March 7, 2023, brings Nick Newman standing up for himself with his daughter Summer.

young and the restless recap for march 7, 2023 has nick newman talking to his daughter summerNick Newman has words with daughter Summer.

The Young and the Restless recap for Tuesday, March 7, 2023, brings Nick Newman confronting Summer about her attitude over Sally and her pregnancy.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

In addition, Adam wasn’t thrilled to realize Chelsea and Billy were becoming more than friends, as Sharon warned Billy not to hurt Cheslea’s progress. Meanwhile, Lily wanted to thank Chelsea for helping Daniel get back his enthusiasm for his gaming platform. Finally, Nate wanted to team up with Daniel.

Y&R Recap: Nick Newman Sets Summer Straight

At the Abbott mansion, Kyle (Michael Mealor) seemed surprised that Summer (Allison Lanier) had worked from home that morning. He realized something was wrong, and Summer dumped the Sally (Courtney Hope) news on him. She couldn’t believe all that Sally had done, and Kyle was shocked by the pregnancy news.

When Summer dropped the bombshell that her dad intended to stick by Sally even though she was having Adam’s baby, she couldn’t believe it. Summer said that Sally seemed to love every second of telling her, but Kyle doubted it. He warned his wife that Sally probably hadn’t thought about her for one moment during the whole thing.

Not surprisingly, Summer didn’t appreciate Kyle defending Sally, but he reminded her that the baby was the most important factor. Even so, Summer pointed out that Sally would use that baby to manipulate situations.

nick newman isn't pleased with what sally spectra tells him.
Nick Newman isn’t happy with what Sally tells him.

At Society, Sally told Nick (Joshua Morrow) about running into Summer and telling her everything. Nick seemed surprised, and Sally apologized for telling her. Sally pointed out that Summer wasn’t wrong when she said that all Sally ever did was create chaos — the whole situation was a mess.

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Nick did his best to calm Sally down. He promised he was sticking by her side no matter what. Sally said she didn’t need Nick at her doctor’s appointment later, and he reminded her that the baby should be her focus.

Nick stopped by the Abbotts to talk to Summer, and Kyle made himself scarce. He confronted his daughter about her talk with Sally. He wanted it all out in the open, and Nick let Summer know that he expected her support, and Nick pointed out things have worked out well for Summer. However, she expressed her concern that Sally was using him, but Nick insisted she wasn’t.

Summer pointed out that Sally held off on telling Nick about her pregnancy in order to have more time to reel Nick in. She suggested that Sally wanted Nick to protect her from Adam. Nick let Summer know he understood she was concerned and protective, but even so, she was wrong about everything, especially Sally. His girlfriend did not have an agenda. Nick told Summer he loved her, but she didn’t get to run his life.

Young and the Restless: Coffee Shop

Adam (Mark Grossman) stopped by Chelsea’s (Melissa Claire Egan). He wasn’t happy to see Chelsea preparing to have lunch with Billy (Jason Thompson), but she told Adam to leave it alone. Adam wondered if it had gone past the “just friends” point, and Chelsea said, “Maybe it has.”

After learning the new detail of Billy and Chelsea’s relationship, Adam lost his appetite, so he was glad she didn’t invite him for lunch. Chelsea wondered why Adam couldn’t just bury the hatchet with Billy. However, Adam thought Chelsea deserved better, and he was happy for her for doing all the hard work, but he warned her that Billy was toxic.

Downstairs, Sharon (Sharon Case) commented on Billy’s purchase of Chelsea’s favorite pastries. She wondered when Billy had become so thoughtful but Billy said it wasn’t a big deal. Even so, Sharon had a warning because she worried that Billy and Chelsea were getting too close, considering the circumstances under which they became friends. After all, Chelsea is still in a fragile state.

Despite her advice, Sharon admitted she didn’t want to overstep, and Billy understood that her worries came from a place of concern. Billy appreciated her helpful input. Sharon admitted she worried about Chelsea’s dependency on Billy. He told Sharon they might be a bit more than good friends, but he felt that was natural. Sharon warned him to be aware of Chelsea’s dependency on him.

Billy went upstairs and knocked on Chelsea’s door. He and Adam got into it a bit, and Adam answered for Chelsea, but Billy wanted to hear from her. Chelsea set some ground rules for her house — be kind and respectful to one another. Adam quickly split after ensuring Chelsea was doing well, leaving Billy and Chelsea to their lunch.

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chelsea lawson and billy abbott have lunch young and the restless recap
Chelsea Lawson and Billy Abbott enjoy lunch together.

They flirted a bit after Adam left, and Billy wondered what he’d missed. Chelsea pointed out that she was the most stable thing in Adam’s life, and Billy said it seemed she was worried about him, but it wasn’t Chelsea’s place to share Adam’s issues.

Chelsea told Billy all about the idea she pitched Daniel, and her therapist was on board with her working on Omega Sphere. Billy seemed surprised that Lily was there. Chelsea explained even more about her idea, and Billy thought it was great. She credited him for making it possible. Chelsea wanted to celebrate becoming the person she wanted to be and celebrate them.

Billy asked some questions, and Chelsea got concerned that maybe she was jumping the gun. He ended up soothing her concerns, though. Chelsea appreciated Billy’s support, but she wondered if something was wrong since he was more distant than the last time they hung out. Billy admitted that his brother had offered him a job, which had distracted him.

He shocked Chelsea by letting her know he was seriously considering taking the job at Jabot. The reason? Chelsea had helped him see things differently as she worked on herself. Ultimately, family is important, and Billy wanted to work with his again. Billy’s words touched Chelsea, and she let him know she wanted to be there for him.

Adam went downstairs, and Sharon instantly realized something was wrong. She asked questions, and Adam told her not to “therapist” him, and she didn’t appreciate her attempts at friendship being thrown back in her face. In fact, she invited him to go somewhere else to get his coffee. However, Adam wasn’t aware that Genoa City had any other coffee shops, and he asked her for a list of them.

Sharon didn’t let Adam get away with it, though. She nicely said he was likely lashing out, and Sharon suggested that seeing Billy at Chelsea’s didn’t help Adam’s bad mood. Even so, Adam didn’t think Sharon approved of Billy and Chelsea’s growing closeness. He tried to get Sharon to talk to Chelsea about backing off from Billy.

She told Adam to stop projecting his feelings onto others. Sharon pointed out that Adam wasn’t helping the situation and instead distracting himself. She advised him to pay attention to what he could control — his job. Except, Adam no longer had a job. Kyle walked in, and Adam asked him how things were going as Sharon wondered what happened.

The two men snarked back and forth a bit as Sharon listened. Kyle apologized to Sharon, and he said he had to go elsewhere to get his coffee. After Kyle left, Adam said Kyle was bluffing, though, since Genoa City didn’t have another coffee shop. Sharon tried to convince Adam to stop letting the smallest insult distract him.

Adam surprised Sharon by telling her that Victor made him an attractive offer. He at first, thought it was a manipulation, but Adam realized Victor’s offer was real. Even though Sharon was still trying to “therapist” him, Adam thanked her for the straight talk and went to the patio to enjoy his coffee. He called Victor to let him know he was ready to meet.

Y&R Recap: Family Ties

Lily (Christel Khalil) and Daniel (Michael Graziadei) met at Society. She gave him the good news that Omega Sphere was a go. Even so, Daniel wasn’t quite thrilled, given how poorly things had gone with Heather and Lucy. He thanked Lily for being patient with him, and he was grateful to her.

lily winters and daniel romalotti talk his gaming platform.
Lily Winters wants to thank Chelsea for helping Daniel get excited again.

Surprisingly, Lily said she needed to thank Chelsea because she helped reenergize Daniel about the gaming platform. He was inspired by Chelsea’s story, and Lily agreed. After all, Lily needed some good news, and Daniel reminded her that they were creating a game that could help deal with family conflict. He pointed out that Lily should certainly see the value.

Daniel just hated to see the conflict between Lily and Devon. He pointed out that Lily hiring Amanda as Chancellor-Winters’s lawyer was harsh, but she insisted that it was the best move for the company. Daniel pointed out that Devon was handling it okay, and he wished that there was something the siblings could do to work things out.

nate hastings overhears big news about his cousins.
Nate Hastings overhears big news about Lily and Devon.

After Lily walked away, Nate (Sean Dominic) walked up to Daniel’s table, and he asked to talk because they both seemed to want the same thing.

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