Nick Newman And Sharon Get Photo Proof Cameron Kidnapped Faith

The Y&R recap for Tuesday, June 13, 2023, brings shocking photo proof of Faith tied up.

sharon rosales and nick panic they receive a text of a tied up faith on the young and the restless recap for june 13, 2023.Sharon Rosales and Nick are frantic when they get a text from Cameron.

The Young and the Restless recap brings Nick Newman and Sharon some shocking photo proof that Cameron has Faith tied up.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

Chance (Conner Floyd) searches Cameron’s room for evidence. Nick gets Adam to help him keep Faith’s kidnapping from Sally. Billy tries to help Chelsea with Connor. Abby plays peacemaker as Jack, Diane, Ashley, and Tucker argue at the jazz lounge. Now let’s dig deeper into what went down.

Young and the Restless: Nick Newman Has Regrets

At Sharon’s (Sharon Case), she told Chance that he promised to keep Faith (Reylynn Caster) safe. She tried to leave, but Chance insisted she stay there. 

Nick walked in, having made bail. He wondered why Sharon was so upset, and she let Nick know that Cameron (Linden Ashby) kidnapped Faith. Nick asked Chance how Cameron could’ve kidnapped their daughter, and he pointed out that Cameron set him up to be in jail. 

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Chance believed that Cameron somehow had inside information. After all, he knew about the flight. Sharon pointed out that the cat had been inside, which led her to believe Cameron had been in the house. Nick began searching for a bug, and he found one on the back of a photo. He yelled into the listening device to let Cameron know they were going to find him and Faith. 

Sharon let the men know that Cameron had stolen her sense of security, and Nick pointed out the criminal had likely been planning the whole thing for a while. He told Sharon that Cameron thought she belonged with him, but she said she would never be with Cameron. 

chance tries to calm sharon and nick newman on the young and the restless.
Chance tries to reassure Sharon and Nick Newman on Young and the Restless.

Chance let the worried parents know that he put on an All Points Bulletin (APB) and a Be On Look Out (BOLO) for the car that Faith was taken in. He admonished Nick and Sharon to stay at her house while he went to search Cameron’s room at the Genoa City Athletic Club. 

As Chance left, Sharon begged him to find her daughter. She cried as Nick hugged her. He regretted not being there for her and Faith. Nick should’ve driven their daughter to the airport. However, Sharon said it wasn’t his fault, especially since Faith had a police escort and Cameron still took her. Nick wanted to hurt Cameron, and Sharon said they had to wait until they got some communication from the criminal. 

Nick called Sally (Courtney Hope), and she answered, asking if he was okay. He admitted that he’d been better, but he told her he was out of jail. Sally sensed Nick was keeping something from her, and he admitted that he didn’t want to upset her. 

Nick asked to talk to Adam (Mark Grossman). As Sally handed the phone to Adam, she asked that he not keep her in the dark about whatever was going on with Nick. On the phone, Adam reassured Nick that Sally was fine, and Nick asked his brother to pretend that he didn’t hear bad news, so Adam agreed. 

Nick let his brother know that Cameron took Faith, and Adam wondered what would happen next. Nick revealed he planned to take care of Cameron, and Adam promised to take care of Sally while Nick handled the issue. 

After Nick got off the phone, Sharon remembered the hospital telling her that Faith had been stillborn. Despite that, Sharon felt Faith was still out there. Nick thought their daughter was a miracle and that she really must have a guardian angel — her sister Cassie. He reassured Sharon that Faith was a survivor and a fighter. 

Sharon admitted that she wouldn’t make it if Faith didn’t come back, and Nick said he was going to get revenge on Cameron. Sharon wished she had Faith’s strength, and Nick reminded her that she did, urging her to dig deep.

Nick wanted Sharon to get inside Cameron’s head so that she could figure out where he was holding Faith. Sharon didn’t want to get inside that man’s head, though, but Nick insisted that she let him know what Cameron would do next. 

Sharon said Cameron would play mind games with them all, and he would make Faith believe his lies. She received a text message, and she cried, “How can he do this to me?”

Nick read the message out loud, “Join me where our old love died, and a new love can be born. Come alone to the same motel. Some things you can never forget.” The words had a photo of Faith attached to them. She was tied up and looked unconscious. 

At Cameron’s GCAC room, Chance walked in and searched through a bag. He found a portfolio inside. Whatever was in it shocked him.

Young and the Restless Recap: Nick Newman Wants Help

Earlier, Adam brought Sally some takeout to her room. She wasn’t hungry…instead, she worried about Nick being in jail for assaulting Cameron. Adam wasn’t shocked to hear that about his brother. After all, Nick was his own worst enemy. Just look at what he did to Ashland.

As Adam continued to try to get Sally to eat, they talked. She wondered what his plans for McCall Unlimited were, and he said he wanted to take over Newman Media. 

adam keeps sally distracted after Nick Newman called on Young and the Restless.
Adam distracts Sally after Nick Newman called on Young and the Restless.

Ultimately, Sally ate, and Adam was pleased. She wondered where he got the food, but he kept the bag from her to keep it a secret. Sally said the grilled cheese was delicious. She wondered what Adam was trying to protect her from…Cameron?

Sally wanted to know if she needed to worry about Cameron or Sharon and Nick’s past. Adam suggested she not worry about anything. Sally decided to lie down, and Adam tucked her in, encouraging her to go to her happy place. 

Sally wondered what Adam really wanted, and Adam admitted he wanted everything. She held his hand and got Adam to promise to wake her when Nick Called.

At Crimson Lights, Billy (Jason Thompson) gave Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) a kiss. He was excited about movie night. Unfortunately, Chelsea revealed that Connor wouldn’t come out of his room for movie night, and she wondered if her son’s depression was hereditary. 

Billy offered to go talk to Connor, but Chelsea wasn’t sure it was a great idea. However, Billy convinced her, and she offered him good luck as he left. Later, he came back downstairs and admitted that things didn’t go too well.

Chelsea didn’t think that Connor would emerge from his funk anytime soon, and he advised her to support her son but find him a therapist. Chelsea said she’d ask if Sharon would be willing to help. They kissed, and Chelsea apologized for their lackluster date night, but Billy was happy to spend time with her.

Y&R Recap: Abby Plays Peacemaker

At the jazz lounge, Jack (Peter Bergman) and Diane (Susan Walters) discussed tying the knot in the fall. Diane wondered about Kyle and Summer, but Jack reminded her that their kids were adults and would figure out their issues. 

Tucker (Trevor St. John) and Ashley (Eileen Davidson) walked in, and Diane asked Jack to toast their wedding. Ashley rudely said something smelled like a rotten corpse, and Tucker wanted to toast to righting old wrongs. 

Things got even more awkward as Ashley reminded everyone that Diane burned down the pool house to get what she wanted. Diane just wanted to toast to the love that abounded in the Abbott family. 

After some back and forth, Ashley revealed she wanted to make changes to the house. Jack said, “My house?” Ashley didn’t like running into “certain people,” meaning Diane. 

ashley, tucker, jack, and diane argue on young and the restless.
Ashely, Tucker, Jack, and Diane argue.

Diane wondered when Ashley would stop her asinine wedding charade, and Ashley took offense. They all argued. Abby walked in and muttered, “What fresh hell is this?” She insisted that they all stop attacking each other. 

Jack pointed out that August was soon for Ashley and Tucker’s wedding, but Ashely was ready for a new beginning. Jack and Diane left for a table that was closer to the music, and Abby admonished her mom and Tucker for acting like children.  

Later, Jack asked Abby what was going on with Ashley’s behavior, and Abby let her uncle know that her mom wanted to save him from Diane’s “diabolical designs.”

Jack insisted that he was in love, but he worried that Tucker was manipulating Ashely. No matter what happened, Jack vowed that Tucker wouldn’t get his hands on Jabot.

Abby went to talk to Tucker, and she asked him if he was sowing discord in her family because he was bored after selling McCall Unlimited. He denied it, saying he wanted peace and a nice reunion with Ashley. Abby warned Tucker against trying to take over Jabot, but he denied it.

Before Abby left, Jack and Diane came back over to where Tucker, Ashley, and Abby were, and she told them to act like adults. When Abby was gone, Jack agreed that they should all respect each other, but Ashley rolled her eyes and got Tucker to leave.

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