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Michael Baldwin Insists On Keeping Phyllis News A Secret

The Y&R recap for Friday, May 12, 2023, brings Michael trying to do damage control.

michael baldwin and jack at the abbott home in the young and the restless recap for may 12, 2023.

The Young and the Restless recap brings Michael Baldwin pulling out all the stops to keep the news that Phyllis is alive under wraps until he can get hard evidence to clear Diane’s name.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

Jack (Peter Bergman) and Kyle met with Daniel and Michael, and Daniel told the truth about Phyllis…mostly. Chelsea, Connor, Billy, and Johnny shared a meal that didn’t end up going so well. Finally, Tucker and Harmony bonded over their love for Devon and Dominic. Now let’s dig deeper into what went down.

Y&R Recap: Michael Baldwin Meets With Daniel

Jack got Daniel’s (Michael Graziadei) text and asked him to drop by. Tucker (Trevor St. John) greeted Jack, and the latter wanted to talk. He took Tucker to task for trying to get Diane to run. Of course, Tucker defended himself by pointing out Diane’s predicament.

Jack insisted that Diane was innocent, but Tucker said that Genoa City never forgot a thing. He also let Jack know that Diane’s history was going to end up affecting Harrison. As for as Tucker was concerned, the only way Jack could help Diane was to get her out of town.

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Kyle (Michael Mealor) walked in, and Jack wanted to know how things were going with Summer…not well. In fact, Summer had packed up Harrison and left, but Kyle was okay with that since he planned to dig up information on Jeremy Stark.

michael baldwin is shocked by daniel's insistence they go to the abbotts on young and the restless.
Daniel talks Michael Baldwin into going to Jack’s with him on Young and the Restless.

At Crimson Lights, Daniel ran into Michael (Christian Le Blanc), and he insisted that the lawyer accompany him to the Abbott house. The reason? Proving once and for all that Diane (Susan Walters) didn’t kill Phyllis.

Daniel and Michael showed up at the Abbotts, and Kyle wondered what was happening. Daniel ensured that Summer wasn’t there, and then he dropped the bombshell. “Phyllis is alive,” he said. Of course, they didn’t quite believe it. Daniel described what happened to Summer as if it had happened to him.

Young and the Restless: Michael Baldwin Wants A Lid On It

Daniel insisted that Phyllis killing Jeremy was self-defense. They were happy to hear that it was proof that Diane was innocent. However, Michael wanted to know where Phyllis was, and Daniel admitted he didn’t know. Kyle wanted to tell Summer, and Daniel cautioned him not to because he didn’t want Summer’s heart broken due to Phyllis supposedly reaching out to him and not her.

Jack wondered when the lies and deception would stop, and Kyle wanted to know how long he was supposed to keep the secret. Ultimately, Jack couldn’t believe that Phyllis had faked her own death after complaining about how bad Diane was for doing it. Daniel said his mom had been forced to do what she did, and he said Phyllis had been punished enough, and he insisted that they couldn’t let her down.

michael baldwin insists kyle, daniel, and jack keep phyllis being alive a secret on young and the restless.
Michael Baldwin tells Jack, Daniel, and Kyle how it’s going to be on Young and the Restless.

Jack refused to take responsibility for Phyllis’s choices, and he wanted to bring Phyllis back and let her be locked up. Michael wanted to know if Daniel had heard from Phyllis since he saw her in the park. Kyle wanted to call Christine, but Daniel wanted the whole thing to go away. Michael predicted it wouldn’t go away.

Daniel promised to give a sworn statement, but Michael pointed out that it wouldn’t work. He also said he was representing Diane and couldn’t try to fix things for Phyllis. Jack said he was going to call Christine with hypotheticals and tell Diane, but Michael warned him to hold off. He said they couldn’t tell anybody about it.

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Young and the Restless: Preteen Angst

Billy (Jason Thompson) and Johnny (Paxton Mishkind) waited for Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) and Connor (Judah Mackey). The teen asked if something was going on that nobody told him, and Billy let him in on Connor’s sister-to-be. Connor and Chelsea walked up just as Johnny wondered if he could trade sisters with Connor.

chelsea worries about connor on young and the restless.
Chelsea Lawson worries about Connor.

Johnny welcomed Connor to the big brother’s club, but Connor wasn’t happy about it. Instead, Connor wanted to go home. Johnny told Connor all the great things about having a sister, but it didn’t improve his mood.

Billy continued trying to lighten things up by extolling the virtues of ham and pineapple pizza. Connor wondered if it was the part where they do the pretending, and Billy took charge, asking Connor to go outside with him for some fresh air.

Outside, Billy empathized with Connor’s feelings over having a baby sister, and he asked what the little boy was upset about. Inside, Johnny apologized for not being good at being a big brother, but Chelsea reminded him that he was Katie’s big brother. Chelsea talked about how lucky Johnny’s siblings were to have him since she’d never had a sibling.

Johnny excused himself, and he went outside to talk to Connor and Billy. Connor insisted he was fine and wouldn’t open up about what was bugging him. Johnny was upset that Connor was rude to him, and Billy reminded his son that Connor wasn’t feeling his best self. Billy told Connor that he could have time and space to process everything, but he urged Connor to open up to Chelsea, and Connor agreed.

Y&R Recap: Reconnection

At his penthouse, Devon (Bryton James) introduced Dominic to Harmony (Chene’ Lawson). Harmony gushed about being a grandma, and Devon told her she had to visit more often. She complimented Devon on being such a great father.

Talk turned to Tucker, and Devon wasn’t so pleased with his biological dad. However, Harmony took up for Tucker, and she let her son know how lucky he was that he had Neil in his life. Devon wondered how his mom really felt about changing his last name, and Harmony reminded him that she’d gone by multiple times.

Devon said he remembered building forts and making snacks with Harmony, and she was surprised he could recall those times. She said they weren’t special memories, but Devon disagreed. Harmony described one of her favorite times with Devon. She told him that he was a man who was willing to wait for his blessings, generous, and willing to give others a chance.

tucker, harmony and devon talk on young and the restless.
Tucker McCall talks to Harmony and Devon.

Harmony pointed out how lucky Dominic was since he had such blessings in his life. Tucker showed up, and Devon thanked him for getting in touch with Harmony. She noted that miracles happen. They gushed about Dominic’s musical interest, and Harmony insisted that Devon get back to the basics of music, which she felt was his “calling.”

Devon wasn’t sure how he could get back to music and run a company while raising his son. Harmony kept pleading her case, but Devon had to go upstairs to Dominic. Tucker and Harmony talked about their son, and he carefully had no comment on what Devon should do about music. Harmony said she hoped her return to Genoa City hadn’t caused issues between him and Ashley. They both agreed that they were lucky for getting Devon out of the messed up relationship they had.

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