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Mariah Copeland And Tessa Porter Get Huge Baby News

The Y&R recap for Monday, February 6, 2023, brings some huge baby news for Mariah and Tessa.

young and the restless recap has mariah copeland and tessa porter looking into the night airMariah Copeland and Tessa get baby news.

The Young and the Restless recap for Monday brings huge baby news for Mariah Copeland and Tessa Porter as they figure out what else they need before she arrives.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

In addition, Lily Winters (Christel Khalil) got some good news from Jill, and she’s able to pass it along to Daniel after he takes Devon to task over what he’s done. Nick let Sally know he can do math, and he wondered if his brother Adam could do math too. Finally, Tucker had some words of wisdom for Adam, which weren’t that well received. Now let’s dig deeper into what happened.

Young and the Restless Recap: Mariah Copeland Worries

Mariah (Camryn Grimes) and Tessa (Cait Fairbanks) enjoyed some time together outdoors because they were struggling to sleep. They worried about and dreamed of becoming moms in a matter of days. Tessa wanted to go through the baby list to ensure they had everything they needed for their little girl. So, Mariah went through the amazing array of stuff they had and the things they still needed.

Mariah thought they had everything, but Tessa revealed that there was an important thing they still needed — a name. For Mariah, naming the baby made everything — good and bad — more real. They chose to have an honest conversation about it. In the running were Hyacinth, Anushka, and Adele, but none of those names seemed to be right.

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The moms-to-be wanted a one-of-a-kind name that would fit their daughter — Everly, Emmerson, and Tuesday came up. Ultimately, they decided to wait until they got to know their daughter, who they thought might end up being born late. They agreed it was normal to be terrified of becoming parents.

mariah copeland and tessa porter await baby news
Mariah Copeland and Tessa Porter await baby news.

Delphine called, and she let Mariah know that she was in labor. She and Tessa raced to be there as quickly as possible. They were thrilled to know they’d meet their baby soon.

Young and the Restless: Dreamer And Fighter

Lily and Jill (Jess Walton) talked through the issues they had with Chancellor-Winters and Devon’s threatened lawsuit. Jill told Lily about her business regrets. Ultimately, she learned to focus on the task at hand, which made Jill proud. However, Lily didn’t feel too proud, but Jill gave her all the credit for building Chancellor-Winters.

jill abbott and lily winters talk chancellor-winters y&r recap
Jill and Lily talk Chancellor-Winters.

The way Jill saw it, Devon (Bryton James), not Lily, was the one who should be worried since their companies were intertwined. Ultimately, Jill pointed out that Devon didn’t have any legal standing. Lily thought perhaps Devon felt that he’d signed under false pretenses with the Initial Public Offering. However, Jill reminded Lily that an IPO was natural and reasonable, given their profits.

Jill gave Lily the opportunity to lay low on the lawsuit, but Lily didn’t need to. In fact, she pushed Jill to give the green light to Omega Sphere as soon as possible.

Daniel (Michael Graziadei) ran into Devon at Society, and he took Devon to task over his project being delayed. Daniel pointed out that he came to Chancellor-Winters with Omega Sphere because he wanted to work with him, but Devon thought Daniel really only wanted to work with Lily because of the history they shared. Devon thought Daniel and Lily could move forward once the dust settled.

daniel blames devon for his project delay
Daniel blames Devon for his project delay.

Daniel let Devon know that Lily was going through hell over the whole thing, and he couldn’t imagine how Devon would hurt his sister. Devon denied wanting to hurt Lily, but Daniel blamed him for breaking Lily’s heart. Devon justified it by saying he wanted to reclaim his company, but Daniel claimed Devon was taking his sister for granted. At that, Lily walked in.

She overheard as Daniel talked about what a loyal, wonderful person Lily was, and she said her brother was free to make up his own mind. Devon said he agreed with everything that Daniel had said. He had a thought, though — Lily should come with him to Hamilton Winters so they could run Neil’s company together. Lily didn’t like that idea, though. She didn’t think she should have to give up Chancellor-Winters, but Devon said that Lily clearly wasn’t just about family. Instead, he accused her of being all about business and left in a huff.

Daniel and Lily lamented her situation with Devon — everything was fine, though. Lily did have great news for Daniel — Jill said yes to Omega Sphere. Daniel was thrilled, and he hugged Lily.

Y&R Recap: Who’s The Daddy

Nick (Joshua Morrow) let Sally (Courtney Hope) know he already knew that Adam could be her baby’s father. She felt flabbergasted by the news, but Nick let her know that she was running the show. Sally apologized, but Nick got it. He worried that Adam might have suspected something was up with Sally, and well…Adam knows how to do math too. Sally didn’t think there was any reason for Adam to jump to the conclusion that she was pregnant.

sally tells nick adam could be her baby's dad y&r recap
Sally Spectra and Nick discuss her baby.

Of course, Sally wasn’t happy because she worried that fate was cruel and would make Adam the father of her baby when they were truly over. Nick noted that fate had a weird sense of humor, and he’d been down the who’s the daddy road before. Despite his experience, Nick planned to strap in and see where it all went.

She worried Nick was angry when he got up to leave, but he just needed to go home to Christian. Nick wasn’t mad at anybody, and nothing changed for them, regardless of how it all turned out. Nick encouraged Sally to rest, and he tucked her in for sleep.

Before Nick left, Sally wondered if she should tell Adam or keep it to herself. Nick said it was her call, but he did think she should tell him sooner rather than later because Sally deserved a healthy pregnancy with few worries. Sally agreed, but she decided to have a paternity test done so they knew for sure.

At Crimson Lights, Adam (Mark Grossman) ran into Tucker (Trevor St. John), who offered to buy the coffee…and a brownie. Adam made comments about villains, but Tucker noted he was a former villain. The older man also had some wisdom to share with Adam, and he noted that they were alike no matter how hard they’d each tried to evolve and change.

tucker and adam at crimson lights.
Tucker and Adam at Crimson Lights.

Tucker admitted he’d been arrogant, and he lost out with Devon and Ashley. When Tucker asked Adam what was happening with him, Adam felt suspicious about the older man’s desire for a heart-to-heart. Adam admitted he’d lost somebody who meant a lot to him, and Tucker gave him the advice to keep the hope alive.

Tucker said goodbye, and Adam suggested they never drink coffee together again. Nick walked in, noting he didn’t know Adam and Tucker were friends. After Tucker left, Adam thanked Nick for tipping him off about Victor’s plans, and he revealed that he’d told Jack about it.

Adam took the opportunity to ask his brother what was going on with Sally. Nick said nothing was up with her, and he suggested maybe Sally was uncomfortable being around both of them at the same time. Adam didn’t quite seem convinced, though.

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