Elena Dawson Gives Audra A Strong Warning About Nate’s Loyalty

The Y&R recap for Wednesday, May 10, 2023, brings a woman scorned ensuring others don’t make her mistakes.

elena dawson is not pleased in the young and the restless recap for may 10, 2023.Elena Dawson has wise words for Audra on The Young and the Restless.

The Young and the Restless recap brings Elena Dawson offering Audra some insight into where Nate’s loyalties lie, and it isn’t pretty.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

Nate overhears Elena and Audra. Nikki and Nick take Victoria to task over cheating with Nate. Sally and Chloe get disappointing news while Adam (Mark Grossman) and Chelsea discuss how to handle Connor. Victor doesn’t like being dictated to, and Adam does it anyway. Now let’s dig deeper into what happened.

Young and the Restless Recap: Elena Dawson Was Wronged

Victoria (Amelia Heinle) wondered why Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) wasn’t surprised she was back home already, and Nikki explained she’d seen Nate. Nikki took her daughter to task for not staying in Los Angeles for an extended vacation.

She asked Victoria why she wasn’t acting like herself. Victoria insisted that she was fine and it was just the travel. Nikki continued pushing, and Victoria admitted that things between her and Nate crossed a line. She let her daughter know that she saw a lot of Victor in her, and Victoria said it was her life and her choices to make.

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Of course, Nikki wondered if Victoria had considered how it would impact the company. Victoria explained there weren’t any business concerns, but Nikki reminded her that it was risky to be involved with an employee. She assured her mom that she was fine.

Young and the Restless: Elena Dawson Issues A Warning

At Crimson Lights, Elena (Brytni Sarpy) updated Audra (Zuleyka Silver) on what happened in L.A., and Audra wondered what Elena would do next. Instead of answering, Elena shrugged her shoulders and walked out to the patio. Once they sat down, Elena explained that things were over between her and Nate.

Audra wondered if she would forgive Nate, but Elena said there wasn’t any way. Ultimately, Elena remarked that she’d hurt Devon for nothing since her relationship with Nate wasn’t what she thought. She said she was disgusted with Nate and declared that he and Victoria deserved each other.

Elena appreciated Audra’s concern, and Audra wondered what Elena would do about her podcast at Newman. She encouraged Elena to push forward with interviewing J.T. to get back at Victoria. Nate (Sean Dominic) eavesdropped as Elena warned Audra to watch her back since Nate had no loyalties.

Young and the Restless: A New Hope

Adam and Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) discussed Connor’s reaction to having a baby sister over a meal at Crimson Lights. He’s been moody recently, and Adam suggested the news had been one change too many. Behind Adam, Billy (Jason Thompson) talked on the phone, and Chelsea urged Adam not to say anything negative. She reassured Adam that Connor would readjust, and he walked out, saying a cordial good morning to Billy.

Billy greeted Chelsea, and he pointed out that Adam was civil. Chelsea updated him on Connor’s behavior, and it wasn’t what she had hoped it would be. He reminded Chelsea that it was okay for Connor to react normally to the news. Billy wondered if distracting Connor with a get-together between Johnny and Connor would help him adjust to having a new sibling, and Chelsea loved the idea.

Sally (Courtney Hope) woke up, and she was happy that Nick (Joshua Morrow) had stayed the night. She tempted him with breakfast in bed, but Nick had to take care of some “pressing matters,” and Sally guessed he was off to confront Victor. She begged him not to battle with Victor over her, and Nick agreed not to turn it into a war.

Later, Sally met with Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson) at Crimson Lights. They talked business, and Sally was thrilled with their progress. However, Chloe worried Jill would kill their deal, and Sally got a call from Jill. Sally said that Jill wanted to wait to take on their project at this time, and Chloe wondered what they were supposed to do now.

Adam walked in, and Chloe split. He sat down with Sally, and she told him what happened. Adam worried about Sally’s lack of income, and he offered her a job working for him at McCall. Sally didn’t believe it would all work out, but Adam insisted that he would. She noted that Victor wouldn’t want her involved, and she let Adam know that Victor had offered to set her up anywhere in the world if she left the baby with him.

Adam wasn’t thrilled, and Sally reminded him that he’d tipped off Nick about Victor’s summons, and he wanted credit for uniting with Nick. Adam reminded an independent Sally that she wasn’t just fighting for herself now, but she said she still didn’t need his help…even against Victor. He very calmly said he’d attempt to back off, but he still wanted Sally to work at McCall.

Chloe ended up at Society, and Chelsea instantly realized something was wrong. She let her and Billy know that Jill had passed on their project for now. Chelsea suggested a girl’s night, and Chloe agreed. Chelsea left for therapy, and Chloe noted that Billy had really stepped up lately, but he didn’t know what she meant.

Chloe pointed out that it was obvious something was going on with Billy and Chelsea, and he admitted that he genuinely cared about Chelsea. She reminded Billy about how much he’d changed over the years.

Y&R Recap: Newman Brothers Play Hardball

Nick showed up at Society and took Victor (Eric Braeden) to task over his proposition to Sally. Victor denied that he’d tried to take away Sally’s baby. Instead, he blamed the whole thing on people trying to take advantage of the Newmans. Victor said that Sally only turned him down because she wanted more, but Nick said she wasn’t angling for more. He also said that Sally had passed Victor’s test.

Nick went to Victoria’s office, and he let Nikki and his sister know that Victor had tried to buy off Sally. As Nikki left, she asked Nick to see her later. He wanted to know what he’d walked in on, and Victoria let her brother know that the cat was out of the bag with Nate.

He wasn’t happy that Victoria didn’t think it was a big deal that she’d cheated with Nate. Nick wondered how Victoria could be happy about breaking up Nate and Elena, but Victoria didn’t want a lecture. Nick reminded Victoria that Nate worked for Newman, and he said as Chief Operating Officer it was his business, and he questioned Nate’s loyalty.

Adam found Victor in the park, and he let his dad know that he would accept the job, but only on his terms. Adam told Victor that he needed to back off and take on a consulting role with the company. He warned Victor that his daughter and Sally were both off limits. Just like Nick, Adam told Victor Sally had passed his test and to back off.

Adam wanted to know if Victor agreed to his terms, and Victor said nobody dictated terms to him. However, he agreed to accept them because Adam was his son. Victor predicted that the time would come when Adam needed his advice. They reached a deal, and Victor wanted to know how Adam intended to proceed, but Adam wasn’t interested in letting his dad in on things. He told Victor he’d hired Sally, and that it was non-negotiable.

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