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Elena Dawson Crashes And Burns With J.T. Hellstrom Plans

The Y&R recap for Tuesday, May 2, 2023, brings Elena Dawson trying and failing to lure J.T. back to Genoa City.  

elena dawson had a plan on the young and the restless recap for may 2, 2023.Elena Dawson had a plan on The Young and the Restless.

The Young and the Restless recap brings Elena Dawson attempting to lure J.T. back to Genoa City and failing, so she moves on to Plan B.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

Nate and Victoria discuss who he really is, and they set some ground rules. Plus, Sally gets a shocking offer from Victor, and Adam (Mark Grossman) gives Nick a heads-up that their dad is involved in something nefarious with Sally after Nikki warns Nick about Sally and Adam’s connection. Finally, Summer feels guilty as Kyle worries about his mother. Now let’s dig a little deeper into what thappened.

Young and the Restless Recap: Elena Dawson Makes Plans

Elena (Brytni Sarpy) met Audra (Zuleyka Silver) at Crimson Lights, and Audra announced she’d tracked down J.T. (That Luckinbill). On the patio at the coffee shop, Elena video-called J.T., and she explained what she was doing with the podcast. He let Elena know that he wasn’t crazy about revisiting that time in his life, and J.T. noted that Elena worked for Newman Enterprises, and he assumed the request came from Victoria.

She tried to admit that Victoria wasn’t involved, but J.T. interrupted her. He said he did things he regretted while he had the brain tumor, and Elena encouraged him to let the world know that he never would’ve done those things without the tumor. He agreed reluctantly to talk, and Elena said she’d book his flights to Genoa City, but J.T. said he couldn’t go back there.

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He said it would only work if they recorded remotely, and Elena asked him to take some time to think about it. He agreed, and she urged him to keep in touch. Later, Audra returned, and Elena let her know that J.T. refused to come to Genoa City. However, Audra encouraged her to continue pushing J.T. to show up in person, and Elena said she was going to Los Angeles instead to find out what was going on.

elena dawson tells audra she's going to los angeles on young and the restless.
Elena Dawson tells Audra she’s headed to L.A. on The Young and the Restless.

Young and the Restless Recap: Nate Betrayed Elena Dawson

In Los Angeles, Nate (Sean Dominic) and Victoria (Amelia Heinle) engaged in pillow talk about what food to order. They started kissing, but Victoria’s phone rang. She silenced it, and Nate wondered if the call had been important. Victoria said her top priority was them, and Nate admitted that he wanted what he shouldn’t want.

Nate explained that being with Victoria hadn’t been on his itinerary, and he was upset that he’d betrayed Elena. Victoria said she knew Nate’s conscience bothered him, but she wondered why they did it since they didn’t have to. Nate said he had to do the right thing.

Victoria was annoyed, but she agreed to discuss Nate’s guilty conscience. He said his conscience was asleep at the wheel, and Victoria was irresistible. Nate said he felt far more for Victoria than just physical attraction, and she wondered what they should do now.

victoria and nate have a discussion about their affair on young and the restless.
Victoria Newman and Nate discuss their affair.

He complained that he was supposed to be a different man when he took the job, but he was cheating again. Nate called Victoria the right woman at the wrong time. She wanted a time machine so they could be together. He didn’t know why being with her was so easy, and Victoria said it was because Nate didn’t have to be somebody he wasn’t.

Victoria reminded Nate that Elena was the last vestige of his old life. She encouraged Nate to decide who he was. They set some ground rules, which included never being alone. Ever. Of course, Nate wondered what they’d do when they remembered the things they’d done. Victoria said she had to take a shower…by herself and told Nate not to look.

Young and the Restless: A Deal With The Devil

At Newman Enterprises, Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) helped Nick (Joshua Morrow) find some files. Nikki told Nick she knew about Adam and Sally’s (Courtney Hope) baby girl. Nick wondered if his dad had told Nikki about trying to poach him for McCall Unlimited. She said she’d have nipped the whole idea in the bud.

However, Nikki warned Nick that a child might bring Sally and Adam back together, and Nick wondered why they weren’t together if they were so perfect for each other. Nikki talked to her son about how Adam pursued other women in Nick’s life, and he suggested that they focus on work and not his love life. He explained that Adam would have to figure out how he fits into their lives.

Adam showed up at Sally’s hotel suite, and she wondered if he was her escort to see Victor (Eric Braeden). However, Adam had no idea what she was talking about. She revealed Victor told her to show up, and Adam wanted to know where. However, Sally said she wasn’t afraid of Victor Newman, but Adam thought he heard “fear adjacent” from Sally.

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She admitted that being summoned brought on some dread, and she asked Adam to explain himself. Adam revealed he wanted to build a trust fund for the baby, and Sally seemed shocked. He even pointed out they should try to get her into preschool too. Sally said that their daughter didn’t even have a name yet, and Adam admitted that he already wanted to give their child the world.

He promised Sally that their baby would have full access to everything afforded to a Newman child, and Sally said she wasn’t worried. In fact, she’d never use their child to get a piece of the Newman pie. Sally had to go because Victor was waiting, and Adam wasn’t thrilled to see her go to his father.

At Newman, Nikki warned that if Sally broke Nick’s heart, she’d have hell to pay, and she pointed out that babies love Nick. Adam walked in to talk to Nick, so Nikki left them alone after congratulating Adam on the baby.

Adam let his brother know that Victor had summoned Sally to Society, and Nick tried to leave. However, Adam told him he couldn’t go. Nick wondered why Adam was trying to stop him, and Adam reminded his brother that Sally could handle it herself, but he said Nick needed to be there for Sally after. Nick thanked his brother for letting him know what was happening.

Sally showed up at Society to see Victor. He offered his congratulations on the baby girl. She said they were all excited, and Victor pointed out that it seemed complicated, but not really. He reminded Sally that his sons liked to fall in love with the same woman. Sally reiterated that she and Nick were happy.

victor congratulates sally on her baby on young and the restless.
Victor Newman congratulates Sally on her baby girl.

Victor said he asked Sally there to talk about his grandchild. He grilled Sally on her support system and her childhood. He understood having a tough childhood, and Sally said it built character, but he said it built toughness and bitterness. Victor said that Sally’s child would have whatever she wanted, and Sally thanked him for welcoming her baby into his family.

Victor also pointed out that nothing should interfere with Sally’s career and apologized for interfering with Jill. He had a proposal for Sally. Victor promised to back Sally wherever she wanted to go with no strings attached. Sally thought it was generous, but she realized that the deal came with her being unable to stay in Genoa City. Of course, Victor wanted the baby to stay there…without Sally. Victor said he trusted Sally would make the right decision for herself and her baby.

Y&R Recap: A Conscience

Summer (Allison Lanier) thought back to her mom, telling her it was unfair to put her in the position of knowing she was alive and asking her not to tell anybody. Kyle (Michael Mealor) walked up, and Summer was startled. She gave him a huge hug.

Kyle asked if Summer remembered hugging him like that all the time, and she said she’d have to hug him more. He asked her about the errand she’d had to run, and Summer blew it off as nothing. She asked for space, and Kyle backed off, promising he would keep giving her what she needed.

summer and kyle reconnect on young and the restless.
Summer struggles as she and Kyle Abbott reconnect.

Kyle asked Summer if she blamed him for what happened to Phyllis since she thought his mother was guilty. He said he respected that Summer didn’t believe Diane was innocent. Kyle wanted to find solid proof his mother wasn’t involved, and Summer suggested that he let Michael do his job. He promised not to involve Summer, though, but she said she was already involved.

Ultimately, Summer asked Kyle if they could not talk about it, and he agreed that they could do the hard work to make it through it. They cuddled on the couch, enjoying the moment and not fighting. Kyle left to get some food, and Summer guiltily remembered Phyllis couching things as a choice between her or Diane. She ran out the front door without telling Kyle.

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