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Elena Dawson Catches Nate And Victoria In Los Angeles

The Y&R recap for Thursday, May 4, 2023, brings Elena Dawson rain her fury down on Nate over Victoria.  

elena dawson spies nate with victoria in the young and the restless recap for may 4, 2023.Elena Dawson catches Nate with Victoria on The Young and the Restless.

The Young and the Restless recap brings Elena Dawson confronting Nate over things with Victoria in Los Angeles.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

Victoria offers Nate time to come to terms with things. Summer (Allison Lanier) begs Daniel to keep their mom’s secret. Michael gets Diane released from jail, and Jack welcomes her home. Tucker gets Devon to invite him to the party for Neil, and Ashley agrees to go with him. Now let’s dig deeper into what went down.

Young and the Restless Recap: Elena Dawson Spies Nate

In Los Angeles, Nate (Sean Dominic) and Victoria (Amelia Heinle) were pleased with how their business meeting went. However, Nate seemed uncomfortable, and Victoria said she was listening. Elena (Bryni Sarpy) looked on as Nate told Victoria he wanted to focus solely on business and not personal things…at least until he figured out what he wanted.

Victoria was on board with Nate’s decision, and Elena walked up to their table. She wondered if that was how a business trip alone went, and Victoria offered her food. Elena told Victoria she didn’t want to hear any lies, and Nate asked his boss/lover to give them some time alone. He tried to turn things around, but Elena wasn’t having it. She wanted the truth. “Victoria and I slept together,” Nate admitted. Elena threw a glass of water in his face.

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Furious, Elena sat down. She yelled at Nate about the betrayal, calling him pathetic. Elena admitted she’d been a fool and had hoped she was mistaken. Nate never meant to hurt her, but Elena didn’t want to hear any more gaslighting. All she wanted to know was how long it’d been going on.

Young and the Restless Recap: Elena Dawson Tells Nate It’s Over

Nate said he didn’t sleep with Victoria intentionally, and he told Elena he loved her and tried to fight things with Victoria. Elena said that Nate had changed…not for good…just like his family had said he did. “You can go straight to hell, or you can go back upstairs to your hotel room…with your boss. It’s over,” declared Elena.

Victoria returned later to find Nate glumly sitting alone at a table. She wondered what happened, and Nate said nothing good. He insisted that he didn’t come on the trip intending to move forward with Victoria, but she suggested Nate subconsciously hoped he would get caught. However, Nate said that made him sound like a coward. Victoria said Nate clearly wasn’t as happy as he pretended to be with Elena.

Nate was upset, and Victoria wondered if he could still compartmentalize business and personal. He wasn’t sure he could, and Victoria understood. She was sorry for what happened, and Victoria offered Nate some time to step away. He took her up on the offer.

Young and the Restless: Secrets

Daniel (Michael Graziadei) was skeptical of Summer’s claim that their mom was alive. She insisted that Phyllis told her she’d killed Jeremy with scissors. Summer pointed out that it was truly believable that Phyllis would try to fake her death for revenge on Diane (Susan Walters).

Daniel wanted to know where Phyllis was. Of course, Summer didn’t know where their mom was for sure. Daniel couldn’t believe that Phyllis watched them suffer, and Summer admitted she wasn’t okay with it. In the end, though, Summer was happy they had a chance to have their mom back, but Daniel wasn’t so ready to forgive Phyllis for faking her death. Summer blamed the whole thing on Jeremy, though, explaining how he’d forced Phyllis to do what he wanted, but Daniel pointed out she didn’t have to go along with it.

Daniel thought it was a nightmare, and Summer agreed. However, she wanted them to protect Phyllis since she was guilty. He didn’t understand how Summer was okay with Phyllis not facing any consequences for what she did.

Obviously, Summer wasn’t happy about what their mom did, and she told Daniel that Phyllis wanted her to keep it secret, but Summer couldn’t. She begged Daniel not to turn in Phyllis because they’d lose her all over again. He wondered why Phyllis put it all on Summer instead of coming to both of them. Summer begged her brother not to tell anyone, but Daniel said nobody would believe him anyway.

Summer revealed she’d tried to get details out of Chance, but the detective was suspicious, so she backed off. She said she’d do anything to keep Phyllis safe, even if it meant never seeing her again. Daniel just had one more question, though. What about Diane?

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Summer freaked out on her brother, declaring Diane wasn’t innocent. She listed all of Diane’s sins, but Daniel pointed out she wasn’t guilty of murder. Summer wanted a break from Diane. He accused Summer of sounding just like Phyllis, and Daniel wondered how she could look Kyle in the face knowing the truth.

Summer said they had to clear Phyllis before clearing Diane. But Daniel wanted to go to Chance because honesty was the only way to fix things. He insisted on going to the police, but Summer wouldn’t let him. He left without telling Summer he wouldn’t tell the cops about Phyllis, though.

Y&R Recap: Welcome Home

At the jail, Michael (Christian Le Blanc) showed up to see Diane, and he was in a great mood. She wasn’t, though. However, Michael got her attention by announcing he planned to get her released before the end of the day. Diane didn’t understand, but Michael said he wanted to get her out on bail from their new judge…Judge Bets. Michael had an outfit for Diane, and she was surprised that Jack and Kyle knew about her potential release.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack (Peter Bergman) was on the phone with somebody preparing a large sum of money in a cashier’s check. Ashley (Eileen Davidson) overheard and wanted to know what it was about. Jack wasn’t interested in talking to his sister, though. She suggested that Jack go somewhere else if he wanted privacy since the living room was a common area. He complained bitterly that Ashley had invited Tucker (Trevor St. John) to live there.

Ashley insisted that Jack had to learn to live with Tucker the same way he’d demanded she learn to live with Diane. He wondered what Harrison was supposed to call Tucker, and she said, “Aunt Ashley’s friend.” Jack dropped the bombshell that Diane might be coming home that day. Ashley didn’t believe it, but Jack said Michael was confident she’d be released. Even so, Ashley insisted Diane didn’t belong there.

michael watches at jack welcomes diane home on young and the restless.
Michael Baldwin brings Diane home to Jack.

Later, Jack was on the phone with Kyle (Michael Mealor). The doorbell rang, and Michael was there. Diane showed herself and ran into her fiancé’s arms. Jack thanked the lawyer. Michael and Diane explained that she was under house arrest and needed an ankle monitor. She also handed over her passport until the trial.

After Michael left, Diane and Jack caught up with each other. He’d texted Kyle, and they talked about seeing Harrison soon. Diane wondered if she should stay somewhere else in deference to Summer, but Jack said no.

jack and diane kiss on young and the restless.
Jack Abbott and Diane kiss.

Tucker went to Chancellor-Winters and asked Devon (Bryton James) to go for coffee. However, Devon was skeptical about his dad’s motivations, and he let Tucker know he wasn’t interested in taking a break from his work day. Tucker told Devon that he sold McCall Unlimited to Victor, and Devon was pleased. He was less pleased, though, to hear that Tucker planned to stay to spend time with Devon and Dominic.

Devon didn’t understand how he fit into Tucker’s plans anymore, though, since the company was gone. Tucker said he didn’t want to walk away without repairing their relationship. He asked Devon if he could announce the coming of the Neil Winters International Jazz Festival at the party honoring Neil that evening. Devon wasn’t willing to make a decision that big before the party, especially since the party was supposed to be for friends and family to remember Neil.

Tucker apologized for being too eager, and Devon admitted it was a good idea. He told Devon that he’d moved in with Ashley. Devon was surprised, and he wondered if Abby knew. Devon warned Tucker that Ashley trusting him didn’t automatically mean he would trust Tucker. Before Tucker left, Devon invited him to come to the party for Neil.

Tucker met Ashley at Society, and she let him know that Jack was bailing Diane out of jail. He updated her on seeing Devon. Tucker admitted he’d let Devon know he’d moved in with her, and he suggested that Ashley let Abby know. He smiled about their complicated relationship. He let her know about his idea for the Neil Winters Jazz Festival, which Devon shot down, but he asked Ashley to go to the party together.

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