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Diane Jenkins Shocks Michael With Her Wild Theory

The Y&R recap for Wednesday, April 26, 2023, brings a wild theory from Diane Jenkins, but Michael isn’t convinced. 

diane jenkins talks with michael in the young and the restless recap for april 26, 2023.Diane Jenkins discussed a theory with Michael on The Young and the Restless.

The Young and the Restless recap brings Diane Jenkins hitting close to the truth as she walks Michael through the night Phyllis died.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

Jack tells a surprised Summer and Kyle (Michael Mealor) that Jeremy is dead. Summer and Daniel have an unfruitful talk. Phyllis stuns Summer when she shows up at the park. Victoria is surprised to hear Victor bought McCall Unlimited, and Nikki suggests she take some time away. Nate accepts Victoria’s offer of a work trip to Los Angeles. Adam tries to decline Victor’s offer to head up McCall while Chance and Sharon finally go on a date. Now let’s dig deeper into what went down.

Young and the Restless Recap: Diane Jenkins Nails The Truth

At the jail, Diane (Susan Walters) told Michael (Christian Le Blanc), “You look like hell.” She wanted to know how he planned to get her out of the whole mess. Diane thanked Michael for taking her case, especially since Lauren wasn’t happy about it.

Michael suggested that they focus on building a strong defense, and he wanted Diane to walk him through everything that happened the night Phyllis died…every single detail. He looked over Diane’s timeline, and he noticed a gap. Diane was annoyed that she had to account for every moment of the evening.

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She admitted she’d been alone in Phyllis’s hotel room after their altercation, and he said it provided her some time to plant the poison. He showed her an online receipt for purchasing it, and Diane denied she had bought it. Again, Diane declared she had nothing to do with Phyllis’s death, and she told him to find Jeremy.

Michael wondered what Diane’s family would say in their testimony. Ultimately, Summer would be the issue since Kyle and Jack would downplay things. Diane cried about the evidence. Michael played Phyllis’s voicemail for his client. However, Diane said that wasn’t how Phyllis had been in the suite.

Michael dropped another bombshell — the police found a letter from Phyllis among Diane’s things. Of course, she’d never seen it, and Diane suggested that Phyllis had planted the letter, which Michael didn’t buy. Diane wondered how it would have worked if Jeremy had an accomplice, and Michael reminded Diane that she’d once been Jeremy’s accomplice.

Diane told Michael how Phyllis was always in and out of the Abbott house. Michael couldn’t understand why Phyllis would involve herself in her own death. Diane suggested that maybe Phyllis’s death was an accident during a setup that Phyllis and Jeremy had concocted.

Diane wanted to see Jeremy, and Michael told her he’d left town. She declared Jeremy was the key to everything. Michael left, and he got a phone call from Kyle, letting his mom’s lawyer know that Jeremy was dead.

Young and the Restless: Summer Gets A Shock

Earlier at Crimson Lights, Jack (Peter Bergman) had questions about Jeremy’s death for Chance (Conner Floyd). Jack insisted the Genoa City Police Department was on the wrong track, but Chance said they’d go where the evidence led. After some back and forth, Jack left.

At home, Kyle irritated Summer (Allison Lanier) by asking how she felt. He said he missed them, and Summer said she missed their relationship too. Kyle begged her to let him in, but Summer said she had to go.

He was annoyed that Summer wouldn’t say where she was going, but she didn’t feel the need to check in with him. Summer reminded her husband that she was unpredictable like her mom. Anyway, the errand Summer had to run could bring them all some closure. Of course, she couldn’t tell him what it could be.

jack tells summer and kyle that jeremy stark is dead.
Jack gives Kyle and Summer news about Jeremy Stark.

Jack walked in, and he told Kyle and Summer that Jeremy was dead. Summer was upset because she couldn’t get her questions answered. She left by herself, promising to call Kyle. Kyle asked Jack if Diane knew about Jeremy’s death.

Summer went to the park, and she was surprised to see Daniel (Michael Graziadei). He was glad to run into her so they could talk, but she wasn’t ready. Of course, Daniel wasn’t ready either. He encouraged his sister to open up, and Summer said the world would be better if more people kept their emotions inside. Daniel thought that wasn’t good, and she told him that Jeremy was dead.

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Daniel didn’t believe it for a bit, and Summer didn’t have any answers. She suggested that her brother find Chance to get some answers, and Daniel wanted her to accompany him, but Summer declined. They exchanged “I love yous,” and Daniel left. Summer was upset, and she turned around and saw Phyllis.

Young and the Restless Recap: By Chance

Chance apologized to Sharon (Sharon Case) for running off all her customers. They flirted a bit, and he asked her to make good on her promise for a date. Sharon and Chance ended up at the jazz club because the dining room was closed. Chance couldn’t believe she’d brought him back to the scene of the crime.

chance and sharon go on a date at the jazz club on young and the restless.
Chance Chancellor and Sharon have a date.

Chance declared that the evening was better than he’d expected, and he said it was the perfect distraction. Of course, a text interrupted him, and Chance had to run to take care of it. Before he left, he asked if Sharon wanted to do it again sometime, and she accepted. He left, but Sharon wanted to stay for a while.

Y&R Recap: Victor Frustrates Two Of His Children

Adam (Mark Grossman) greeted Nate (Sean Dominic) at Society as “doctor.” Nate reminded him he wasn’t a doctor anymore, and they talked Newman Media. Adam let Nate know he was in good shape when it came to Newman since he wasn’t related or intimately entwined.

Nate took offense to Adam’s words, and Adam apologized. Even so, Adam pointed out that Nate made moves based on what Sally planned to implement, and he said he wasn’t going to fix what wasn’t broken. Nate admitted that he told Victoria that Sally was a good fit at the company, which surprised Adam. Talk turned to Sally’s pregnancy, and Adam let Nate know that the baby was his.

At Newman Enterprises, Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) talked business with Victoria (Amelia Heinle). Victoria stopped short when she saw Victor (Eric Braeden) sitting in her chair. He had some good news that he’d purchased McCall Unlimited. His daughter acted like the acquisition was no big deal.

Victor declared the competition would begin, and Victoria said Adam was doomed to fail. He insisted that Victoria would change her mind once McCall gave Newman a run for its money, and she said, “Bring it on.” He predicted Victoria would kick herself for not buying the company when she could, but Victoria wasn’t convinced.

Victor left, and Victoria complained to Nikki that her dad had gone overboard. She said the company was doomed to fail with Adam in charge, but Nikki accused Victoria of being afraid of going up against her father. Nikki knew that Victoria was still upset about losing McCall to Victor, and she said she couldn’t have it with Adam attached.

Nikki suggested that Victoria take a few days to get away and relax to get away from the fanfare of Victor’s McCall announcement. She said she had a work trip to Los Angeles coming up, and Nikki complained it was for business, but Victoria promised to add some days for pleasure.

Nate walked in. Nikki asked Nate if Victoria could relax outside of the office, and Nate said Victoria was the boss, so yes. She left Victoria and Nate, and he wanted to go over some ideas for Langston with his boss. Victoria made a call, and it piqued Nate’s interest. She said she had to go to Los Angeles to buy some streaming services, and she asked Nate to join her.

nate hastings accepts victoria's tempting offer on young and the restless.
Nate Hastings accepts Victoria’s offer.

Nate wondered if it was wise for them to go on a trip together. However, Victoria tried to calm Nate’s fears, and she didn’t see the problem. He agreed to join her on the trip to Los Angeles.

At Society, Victor and Adam sat at a table, and Victor offered his son his congratulations on having a daughter. Victor said he was happy about the whole thing, but Adam didn’t buy it. However, Victor noted that the little girl would be another Newman, so he was happy. Additionally, Victor told Adam he’d purchased McCall Unlimited, and he declared Adam would start working there the following day. He’d purchased it for Adam, his sons, and his daughter.

Adam didn’t appreciate Victor using his daughter as leverage to get him to work at McCall. Victor wasn’t willing to let Adam not run the company, but Adam wanted total autonomy from both his dad and Newman Enterprises. Victor laughed. “In your dreams, son.” However, Adam told him the deal was dead without that condition. He told Victor he’d let him know his decision later and walked out.

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