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Diane Jenkins Gets Arrested For Phyllis’s Murder

The Y&R recap for Wednesday, April 13, 2023, brings a shocking arrest for Diane Jenkins as evidence against her arises.

diane jenkins got arrested on the young and the restless recap for april 13, 2023.It was a Y&R nightmare for Diane.

The Young and the Restless recap for Thursday, April 13, 2023, brings an unwelcome moment for Diane Jenkins as Chance arrests her for Phyllis’s murder.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

Summer (Allison Lanier) awkwardly insisted that Diane speak at her mom’s memorial. Danny sang a tribute to his ex, and Daniel was finally able to find his voice. Phyllis watched the entire time. Diane begged Michael for help. Elsewhere, Devon welcomed Abby to her new home, and Victoria got a bit more than an after-work drink in her office with Nate as Audra listened in. Now let’s dig deeper into what happened.

Young and the Restless Recap: Diane Jenkins On The Spot

At Phyllis’s memorial, Summer thanked Lucy (Lily Brooks O’Briant) for her beautiful words. As Summer said she was glad Lily and Phyllis had time together recently, Chance (Conner Floyd) looked at his phone in shock. He asked for a search warrant as soon as possible.

Summer cried, and she said somebody knew the truth, and she was desperate to know what really happened to Phyllis. Kyle (Michael Mealor) asked Summer to focus on the celebration, but Summer said no. Instead, she asked Diane (Susan Walters) if she had anything to say about Phyllis.

Diane said that people who knew Phyllis best should speak, as Jack did. She pointed out that Victor (Eric Braeden) hadn’t spoken, but he said he’d share his thoughts with Summer in private. Summer insisted that Diane speak to help her family grieve.

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Reluctantly, Diane stood up, and she noted that she and Phyllis hadn’t been friends. Diane said that Phyllis loved Summer and Daniel (Michael Graziadei).

At that, Daniel stood, and he decided to speak. He remembered thinking Phyllis, his mom, was the most beautiful person in the world as a kid, and Daniel said he still saw her that way. He loved the adventure that was his mom. Daniel talked about how hard it was to watch Phyllis waste her brilliance on the wrong things because she was so powerful. Phyllis looked concerned as Daniel continued to express his sorrow at her passing.

Danny (Michael Damian) stood up next. He said he saw Phyllis’s heart in Daniel. He decided to honor Phyllis with a song. Danny sat at the piano and played as he sang. Phyllis looked upset as the song went on.

danny romalotti sings a song to honor phyllis on the young and the restless.
Danny Romalotti sings a song honoring Phyllis.

During the song, police went to the Abbott mansion with a search warrant. Chance stared at Diane as she teared up during the music.

When it was over, Daniel and Summer stood up, and he thanked everyone for coming, inviting them to continue celebrating Phyllis’s life. Jack found Diane crying, and Diane said she couldn’t understand why Summer insisted she spoke. He blamed it on Summer’s grief, hitting her hard.

Victor told Summer she had their support. Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) said Phyllis would be proud of the job Summer had done. Michael (Christian Le Blanc) and Lauren (Tracey Bregman) praised Danny’s song. Elsewhere, Lily told Daniel that his mom would always be with him. Danny walked over with Lucy, and he asked if they wanted to grab a bite to eat, and Daniel went to say goodbye to his sister.

phyllis looks concerned about daniel and summer on the young and the restless recap.
Daniel and Summer are sad at Phyllis Summers’s memorial.

Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) stood by and watched Summer and Daniel hug. She thought to herself about the lengths she’d go to to protect her family. As Phyllis thought, police bagged evidence at the Abbott mansion. Diane complained that Chance was staring at her, and Jack said he was grateful that Chance didn’t let Jeremy cause trouble.

Young and the Restless Recap: Diane Jenkins Faces Arrest

Kyle interrupted Chance as he was about to talk to Summer. He wondered why Summer had put Diane on the spot, and she said it’d just come to her…she channeled her mom. Police walked in to talk to Chance, and Summer looked on. Chance wanted to talk to Diane, but Jack and Kyle insisted that he leave her alone.

Instead, Chance told Diane she was under arrest for murdering Phyllis. Officers arrested her and read her her rights. Jack insisted it wasn’t Diane, but Chance said there was new evidence and Phyllis had been poisoned. Diane wanted to talk to a lawyer, and she begged Michael to help her as cops led her out. Lauren wasn’t happy that Micheal was considering it, and Diane insisted she’d been framed.

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Michael refused to represent Diane, but he told her not to say a word until there was a lawyer present. Jack promised to find the best attorney, and he told Kyle to stay with Summer while he followed Diane to the station. However, Summer told Kyle to leave since Nick (Joshua Morrow) was there. Phyllis looked on, smiling as they led Diane out.

Nick asked how Summer was doing, and she cried. However, Summer said she’d gotten what she’d hoped for — the truth. Diane killed Phyllis, and Summer cried that she hadn’t believed her. Nick took Summer away from the jazz club. The room cleared out, and Phyllis sighed in relief.

At Society, Lily thanked Danny for including her. He told Lucy how Daniel and Lily had been a banana and a strawberry on the West Coast. Lucy seemed shocked that they’d run away, and they explained that they’d needed jobs. Danny reminded Daniel how proud both he and Phyllis were of him.

Lily and Daniel flirted and talked about their past, and Lucy yawned. Daniel offered to take her back to the hotel room, but Lucy insisted he should stay. Danny offered to take Lucy to get some rest, and they left. Daniel wondered if Lily had noticed that Lucy and Danny had set them up. They walked out together, and Lily kissed Daniel on the cheek, suggesting he get some rest.

Young and the Restless: Welcome Home

Abby (Melissa Ordway) showed up with lots of bags at Devon’s (Bryton James) house. She freaked out about how much stuff she and Dominic had, and Devon told her to calm down. He welcomed her to her new home with a kiss.

Devon had flowers and champagne to celebrate Abby’s arrival. She said it was exactly what she needed, and Devon encouraged her to let the movers handle the rest of her move. Devon presented Abby with her own set of keys, making it official. He promised never to stop trying to surprise her.

devon and abby make love at their new home together.
Devon Hamilton and Abby make love.

Abby admitted she was nervous but in a good way. She looked forward to the future, and Devon understood what she meant. He said he was returning to the life he wanted — spending time with people who made them happy. Devon credited Abby with helping him get to that place, and they enjoyed some adult time before Dominic arrived.

Y&R Recap: HR Nightmare

In her office, Victoria (Amelia Heinle) remembered her kisses with Nate (Sean Dominic). Audra (Zuleyka Silver) walked in, wondering what Victoria was thinking about. Newman’s Chief Executive Officer said she’d been thinking business, and Audra handed her some figures for a new deal they’d looked into. As they talked, Audra said she planned to give Nate everything he needed…to do his job, and Victoria looked up sharply.

Victoria said she felt like Audra was angling to take Nate’s place if he was promoted or poached. Audra admitted she was always looking for the next challenge, but you never knew what the future would bring. Victoria reminded her that she was a very new hire, and Audra understood and said she looked forward to continuing to prove herself. As Audra left, Victoria looked contemplative.

Nate showed up, and he and Victoria went over the figures Audra had compiled. He praised her for going above and beyond, but Victoria wasn’t as complimentary. Victoria let Nate know that Audra had her eyes on his job, and Nate said he’d be disappointed if she wasn’t angling for his desk.

Victoria hoped that Nate wasn’t planning to move on, but he said she was stuck with him. They sat side-by-side, talking business and agreeing on everything. Victoria declared work hours were over, and she offered Nate a drink. He agreed, telling her she knew what he liked.

nate hastings and victoria newman making out on her desk at newman enterprises.
Nate Hastings finally succumbs to Victoria Newman.

Nate enjoyed the bourbon Victoria served him. Victoria offered him a refill, and Nate said he couldn’t resist it. She pointed out that he’d resisted before, but Nate said this time, resistance was futile. They began kissing and removing their clothes. Ultimately, Nate and Victoria made a mess of her desk. Outside, Audra listened to the sounds of their lovemaking.

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