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Diane Jenkins Finally Agrees To Let Jack Put A Ring On It

The Y&R recap for Monday, March 6, 2023, brings a smile to Jack Abbott’s face…eventually.

young and the restless recap for march 6, 2023 has jack abbott on one knee proposing to dianeJack Abbott had a big question for Diane.

The Young and the Restless recap for Monday, March 6, 2023, brings a real proposal from Jack, and Diane Jenkins finally said yes.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

Plus, Billy and Kyle talk about Jack and Diane’s reunion. Summer gets a shock when Sally tells her she’s pregnant. Phyllis finds out Jeremy Stark saved her life, but what he wants in return is…a lot. Finally, Nick and Adam had a brother-to-brother moment. Now let’s dig deeper into what happened.

Y&R Recap: Jack Begs Diane Jenkins To Say ‘Yes’

Diane (Susan Walters) was shocked and wondered if Jack (Peter Bergman) had really asked her to marry him. He insisted that it felt right to him. She wasn’t convinced, but Jack asked her to sit tight, and he rushed out of the cabin.

jack is stunned when diane jenkins turns him down on the y&r recap.
Jack begs Diane Jenkins to say “yes.”

Diane relived moments from the last several months as she anxiously waited for Jack. He returned and poured some champagne and toasted Diane for turning her life around. Jack got down on one knee and sincerely proposed to Diane, complete with a ring.

Diane cried, and she told Jack she loved him. She was grateful to him for giving her a second chance, and although being his wife would make her happy, Diane declined his proposal. Jack was shocked, but Diane told him it wouldn’t be fair to him or his family to marry him. He insisted they were a team, and he wasn’t worried about Jeremy. He begged her to say yes. She smiled, hugged him, and said yes.

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Kyle (Michael Mealor) walked into The Grand Phoenix and saw Billy (Jason Thompson). Billy wondered where Jack was, and Kyle let him know his father was out of town on a romantic getaway. Kyle was surprised that Billy supported Jack and Diane’s reunion, and Billy wondered how he felt about his parents reuniting.

Billy told Kyle he was on his side and cared about him, but Kyle didn’t buy that his uncle really cared. Kyle admitted that he wanted his parents to be happy, and if it worked out, it’d be great. Even so, Kyle worried that his mom would hurt his dad.

Billy reminded Kyle that he could relate because of the childhood he had, and he told Kyle that he felt protective of the parent who was always there for him. As Kyle prepared to leave, Billy asked him to tell Jack to call him because he was seriously considering taking Jack up on his job offer. Kyle was surprised to hear about it.

Young and the Restless: Brotherly Love

At Society, Adam sat at a table drinking, and he remembered what Sally (Courtney Hope) and Nick (Joshua Morrow) had said before. Nick walked in, and he went straight over to his brother. He invited himself to sit with Adam, and Nick wanted to talk about Sally’s big news.

Nick expressed his sympathy for Adam’s tough spot, but he was concerned about how Adam planned to handle things moving forward. Adam told his brother that he didn’t plan to interfere with Nick and Sally’s relationship, and Nick said they were solid. Even so, Nick felt concerned over Sally’s well-being.

Adam accused his brother of deciding he wasn’t good for Sally, but Nick said it was a fine line. He worried that Adam would slowly insinuate himself back into Sally’s life. Nick told Adam that he shouldn’t have asked to go to the doctor’s appointments and ultrasounds. Adam felt that Nick was warning him to back off, but Nick denied it.

Nick asked Adam not to put what he wanted over what was best for Sally. Talk turned to their dad, and Nick was surprised to hear that Adam seemed to have buried the hatchet with Victor…again. Nick seemed skeptical that their dad was the only one who understood his true nature.

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Adam said that everyone else saw him as a near monster, and he admitted that the last few months had enlightened him. He reminded Nick that he couldn’t take anything for granted. Adam said he had to meet people halfway, and he noted that Nick had given him kindness and decency, and he wanted to try again with his brother.

Summer (Allison Lanier) picked up some treats at Crimson Lights, and Sally walked in and said hello. Sally tried to make conversation, but Summer said she didn’t have to feign interest or be polite. Ultimately, Summer wanted to know what was going on between Sally and her dad.

sally spectra tells summer she's pregnant on the young and the restless.
Sally Spectra tells Summer she’s pregnant.

Sally went ahead and let Summer know that she was pregnant. Summer assumed Sally was pregnant with her brother or sister, and Sally told her the baby wasn’t Nick’s. Summer wondered how it happened, and she figured out it was Adam’s baby.

Sally said Nick was very supportive, and Summer pointed out that Sally must have hurt her dad. Summer suggested that Nick and Sally part so that Sally and Adam could figure things out. However, Sally said Nick was in it with her. Sally asked Summer to accept her and Nick’s relationship, but Summer wasn’t feeling it. She called Sally selfish.

Sally asked Summer to respect Nick’s decision to stick by her, but Summer just couldn’t. She said Sally was using Nick to shield her from Adam. Sally denied it, but Summer reminded her who Adam was. Again, Sally said she wasn’t using Nick, but Summer couldn’t see how her being pregnant with Adam’s baby would end well. She told Sally all she was capable of creating was chaos.

Y&R Recap: A Devious Plan

Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) woke up in Jeremy’s (James Hyde) room. She wondered what had happened, and she remembered she’d been drinking. Apparently, Jeremy saved her life after she’d stumbled outside. Phyllis wondered why Jeremy had brought her to his hotel room.

He insisted that he merely helped Phyllis in her moment of need, but she thought Jeremy really wanted her to be part of his plan to get Diane. Jeremy pointed out how bad it could’ve been if he hadn’t been there, and Phyllis wasn’t happy he was trying to coerce her. She wouldn’t have it.

Jeremy tried to give Phyllis a hangover cure, but she said she could take care of herself. He suggested she examine what had led to her drunken situation. Jeremy suggested a solution — bringing down Diane. He explained that with purpose came serenity.

He laid out his plan off-screen and asked Phyllis if she’d join him. She declined. Jeremy continued pressing, guaranteeing his plan would work, but Phyllis didn’t think it would. After all, nothing had, so far. Phyllis promised to give it some thought, and Jeremy told her to take her time — within reason. He didn’t want Phyllis to lose out on a golden opportunity, but he’d find somebody else if he had to.

Phyllis stumbled out of the elevator, and Billy saw her. He was worried about her, but Phyllis said she wanted to talk to Jack. Billy informed her that Jack and Diane were on a romantic trip, and he suggested that the newly reunited couple was in it for the long haul.

Phyllis went back upstairs to Jeremy’s room. “I’m in,” she declared.

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