Danny Cuts Phyllis Loose For Good After Scheming Drives Christine Away

Danny Romalotti fell right into Phyllis’s trap — and it may cost him Christine.

the young and the restless recap for january 17, 2024, episode 12787,Phyllis Summers was up to something once again with Danny and Christine.

The Young and the Restless recap for Wednesday, January 17, 2024, brings Danny pushing Phyllis out of his life…for good.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

Also in this episode, Christine got some advice from Nina. Lauren tried to enlist Jack’s help with Nikki. Victor and Victoria talked about helping Claire, and Nikki told them she was concerned about Seth. Now, let’s dig deeper into what happened.

It’s Over

At the jazz lounge, Danny (Michael Damian) firmly told Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) that she hadn’t changed, and he wasn’t going to allow her to pursue him. She tried to smooth talk him, but Danny wasn’t having it. He told her he wanted nothing to do with her except the mildest of friendships for Danny’s sake.

Upstairs, Christine (Lauralee Bell) texted Nina (Tricia Cast) to meet. Before she left, Danny walked upstairs, wanting to talk. Christine confronted him about what she saw, and Danny tried to blame the whole thing on Phyllis. However, Christine pointed out that he kissed Phyllis back, and she let him know that she wasn’t going to be involved in a love triangle with him and Phyllis again.

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At Society, Christine updated Nina on what had happened. Nina tried to blame it all on Phyllis too, but Christine pointed out that Danny had been actively involved in the kiss. Christine said she wasn’t willing to risk getting hurt again, so she wanted to end things with Danny.

Phyllis found Danny at the GCAC bar, and she tried to talk. However, Danny wasn’t interested. He declared that he and Phyllis were through for good, despite their son, and he noted she may have ruined any possible future he might’ve had with Christine. Danny wished Phyllis well, and he stormed out as Phyllis looked on somewhat satisfied.

A Friend In Need

On the patio at Crimson Lights, Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) confided in Lauren (Tracey Bregman) that she suspected her sponsor Seth had fallen off the wagon. (Here’s when she spotted red flags.) She fully blamed herself, but Lauren encouraged her not to.

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Jack (Peter Bergman) walked in, greeting them both, and Nikki quickly excused herself to leave. Lauren tried to drive her home, but Nikki wouldn’t hear of it. After she left, Jack asked Lauren what was up with their friend. Instead of discussing it in public, they met back at the Abbott mansion.

Once at the mansion, Lauren spilled the details to Jack. She said that Nikki needed somebody like him to help her through things, but Jack pointed out that Nikki absolutely didn’t want him to know about her situation. They discussed how to help her.

Stranger Things

At the ranch, Victoria (Amelia Heinle) and Victor (Eric Braeden) talked about Claire. She wondered how to help her daughter get over not being part of the family for so long. Victor shared some wisdom with her, and he noted that a parent never stopped worrying about their child.

As they talked, Victor wondered if Claire was in the right place to get help. Victoria reminded him that her daughter was an adult, so she really had no idea how Claire’s therapy was going. Talk turned to Newman Enterprises, and Victor reassured Victoria that he understood she had to take a leave of absence.

Nikki arrived home, and she let Victoria and Victor know her concerns about Seth. After they discussed it, Victoria left. Victor and Nikki sat, playing chess and talking about how surprised Victor was that Nick and Adam were working well together. As they talked, Nikki received a text from Seth, so she let Victor know. He encouraged her to stop talking to Seth and get a new AA sponsor.

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