Cameron Kirsten Sneaks Into Sharon’s Home While She’s Alone

The Y&R recap for Wednesday, June 14, 2023, brings a shocking moment when Cameron sneaks up on Sharon.

cameron kirsten shows up out of nowhere on young and the restless recap for june 14, 2023.Cameron Kirsten shocks Sharon.

The Young and the Restless recap brings a stunning turn of events when Cameron Kirsten walked down Sharon’s stairs when she was home alone.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

Sharon, Nick, Victor, and Chance (Conner Floyd) make dueling plans to find Faith. Diane tells Summer she forgives her, and Mariah tells Summer she’s not sure Kyle can do the same. Audra flirts with Kyle, and later, he tells Summer he isn’t interested in talking. Now let’s dig deeper into what went down.

Young and the Restless: Cameron Kirsten Silently Breaks In

At Sharon’s (Sharon Case), she showed Nick (Joshua Morrow) the photo of Faith. She had to go and see Cameron for herself. Furious, Nick relayed that he wanted to rip Kirsten apart…pound him into the ground. Sharon thought that would only put Faith in more danger.

Victor (Eric Braeden) showed up and was appalled to learn that his security team had failed to prevent Cameron from taking Faith. He offered his son an army if he needed one. Sharon pointed out that would only make things worse.

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She had to see Cameron alone. Victor warned that it could be a trap, and Sharon was sure it was. Cameron had likely thought through everything. Victor thought Sharon going to see Cameron alone was insane, but he urged her to arm herself if she did. She presumed Cameron wouldn’t harm her, though, which gave her some power in the situation.

Even so, Nick insisted on going with her. Sure, he would keep his distance along with Victor’s security team. Victor called his guys, and he thanked Sharon for risking everything to save his granddaughter. Nick hated the plan, and Sharon admitted that it was all she could do not to go off the rails. The worried parents told themselves that everything would work out.

nick and sharon make plans to rescue faith from cameron kirsten on young and the restless.
Nick and Sharon plan to rescue Faith from Cameron Kirsten on Young and the Restless.

Chance (Conner Floyd) showed up, and they told him about Cameron’s demands and the picture of Faith. The detective thanked them for telling him. He explained he’d uncovered a deed to an abandoned garage outside of town while searching Cameron’s room at the GCAC.

Young and the Restless: Cameron Kirsten Shocks Sharon

Nick worried that it was too easy to find the garage and felt Cameron was setting them up. Chance said he’d check out the garage, and he suggested they stay put. When Chance left, Nick and Sharon agreed they needed to follow their plan.

He didn’t want her to go in completely unarmed, suggesting they tape a knife to her leg. Sharon vowed to do whatever it took to bring Faith home. They talked through how Sharon would handle Cameron. Nick left to talk to the security team, and they planned to meet in 10 minutes.

cameron kirsten sneaks down sharon's stairs on young and the restless.
Cameron Kirsten sneaks down Sharon’s stairs on Young and the Restless.

Once Nick left, Sharon checked the knife. Cameron walked downstairs and said, “Hi Sharon. It’s just you and me.”

Young and the Restless Recap: A Different Perspective

Lily (Christel Khalil) found Daniel (Michael Graziadei) enjoying an adult beverage at Society. She assumed something happened with Phyllis. Daniel worried that Phyllis and Summer would end up behind bars.

Lily grabbed a drink, and Daniel told her his family wanted him to help prevent them from going to jail. He didn’t see Phyllis turning herself in. She went on the run, and of course, Daniel is stuck in the middle of everything.

lily gives daniel a new perspective.
Lily Winters gives Daniel a new perspective.

Lily suggested it would be okay for Phyllis to do some time. In fact, her own prison experience gave her a new perspective on life. Serving time was difficult for Lily, but she was a better person for it. Daniel pointed out that Lily was okay before her time in lockup. She knew her experience wasn’t everybody’s, but she felt Phyllis might benefit. Even so, Daniel wasn’t going to turn his mother in. However, he thanked Lily for helping him in a “perverse kind of way.”

At the Abbott estate, Summer (Allison Lanier) admitted to Diane (Susan Walters) that she knew Phyllis was alive for a while now. Summer assumed Diane would let her have it. “I’ve already forgiven you,” said Diane.

Summer thought her mother-in-law might regret that. Diane was sure she knew the details of the whole thing. Summer could have got the charges against her dropped sooner. Diane wasn’t okay with it, but she understood that was in an impossible situation.

Diane added she’ll do all she could to encourage Kyle to forgive Summer. “Thanks, Diane,” Summer said. Diane said that Summer didn’t deserve blame when the whole thing was really Phyllis’s psychotic scheme. However, Summer placed the blame on Jeremy’s master plan and then started blaming Diane for causing it all in the first place by returning from the dead. Diane said Summer was naive to believe Phyllis’s innocent act. Summer defended her mom and walked out in a huff, leaving Diane shaking her head.

Y&R Recap: Not Tonight

Later, Summer ran into Mariah (Camryn Grimes) at Crimson Lights. Mariah snarkily wanted to know if Summer would send back the flowers since Phyllis wasn’t dead. Summer wasn’t in the mood. Mariah expressed her astonishment that Summer did what she did to Kyle and Diane, and that’s saying a lot since Mariah already didn’t think highly of Summer.

Summer asked if Mariah was on her and Kyle’s side. She wondered if Mariah still thought they should be a couple, and Mariah assumes Summer wanted her to help convince Kyle to forgive her. Mariah wasn’t interested, despite realizing that Summer had matured some. Ultimately, Summer was still her mother’s daughter…both selfish and reckless.

mariah doesn't like what summer did to kyle on young and the restless.
Mariah Copeland isn’t willing to give Summer a pass.

Mariah had hoped Summer and Kyle’s marriage would go the distance, but she advised Summer to take a hard look at what she did to Kyle. In the end, Mariah suggested that Summer give Kyle space and time. Summer admitted it was her own fault that she might never regain Kyle’s trust.

At the jazz lounge, Kyle (Michael Mealor) drank at the bar, remembering his recent arguments with Summer. Audra (Zuleyka Silver) walked up to him, and he recalled that she had found his phone that fateful night that Phyllis supposedly died.

While Kyle thought Audra seemed nice, he said he didn’t like discussing his personal life with strangers. Audra pointed out that strangers might offer a clearer perspective with less judgment. She also promised that she was a good listener. Of course, Kyle doubted that Audra was an “innocent listener.” He’d heard that she was ambitious, and he didn’t think it was wise to confide in somebody like her.

He pointed out that Audra had a past with his brother-in-law. She insisted that Noah was her past. Kyle told her that she could talk as he drank, so she explained how she would up in Genoa City. Audra claimed that she found her “true self” as she worked alongside Nate.

Kyle wondered what was next for Audra, and she reminded him that ambition wasn’t a bad thing, and she insinuated that some people felt bad about their innermost desire. Kyle wondered if Audra was still talking about work at that point. Even so, he was thankful for the distraction Audra provided him. She was glad she could cheer him up. Kyle left.

Summer arrived at the Abbott mansion, and she was surprised to see Kyle there. She talked to him about Harrison memorizing Bumpy the Camel. After a bit, Summer asked if they could talk, but Kyle whispered, “Not tonight,” and he walked away.

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