Cameron Kirsten Bumps Into Some Of Genoa City’s Finest

The Y&R recap for Wednesday, May 31, 2023, brings Cameron sitings around town.

cameron kirsten is in the park in the young and the restless recap for may 31, 2023.Cameron Kirsten was out and about in Genoa City.

The Young and the Restless recap brings Cameron Kirsten bumping into two of Genoa City’s women.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

Sally called on Adam (Mark Grossman) after failing to reach Nick when she suffered double vision. Nick and Sharon told Chance all about Cameron, and Camron ended up running into both Sally and, later, Faith, at Chancellor Park.

Young and the Restless Recap: Cameron Kirsten Gets Around

Sally (Courtney Hope) felt some pain, and she sat down on a bench at Chancellor Park. She wondered what was going on. She tried to call Nick but couldn’t get him.

cameron kirsten runs across sally having pregnancy troubles on young and the restless.
Cameron Kirsten asks Sally if he can help.

At Society, Adam walked up to the bar, and Cameron (Linden Ashby) sat at a table. Cameron finished his drink and left. He found Sally in pain at the park, so Cameron offered to call somebody for her. He said he didn’t feel right leaving Sally like that, and she insisted she was okay. Sally called Adam to come to get her.

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Adam showed up, and Sally thanked him. She apologized for interrupting his day. She said her double vision passed, but Adam wanted her to get checked out anyway. Sally mentioned the guy who’d stayed to ensure she was okay, but he was gone.

Later Adam and Sally went to the hotel room. It was a false alarm, and Sally and the baby would be just fine. However, Sally said it wasn’t that simple, and Adam admitted it wasn’t. He pointed out that her new medication would be delivered soon.

Sally cried about how she’d done everything she was supposed to do, but she was still at risk for preeclampsia. She felt she’d done something wrong, but Adam reassured her that she’d done something right by knowing when to ask for and seek help. Adam encouraged Sally to ease up on work and let Chloe take more of the load. “Since when did you become so calm and reasonable,” Sally wondered.

He said it was because he’d chosen to put Sally and the baby first, but even so, it went against his nature. Sally appreciated Adam doing that. Adam thanked Sally for calling her instead of Nick, but he realized she’d called his brother first, which Adam also understood. He started to go, but Sally said she’d like it if he stayed a while longer.

Young and the Restless: Faith Runs Cameron Kirsten

At Sharon’s, Faith (Reylynn Caster) and Mariah (Camryn Grimes) tidied up. Nick (Joshua Morrow) gushed over the great pictures he’d taken of all the women. They tried to talk to Sharon (Sharon Case), and she was out of it. Faith wondered why she was so distracted.

Mariah thought maybe it was too much joy over being a mom and grandma, and Sharon said that was exactly it. She encouraged Faith and Mariah to leave and let her and Nick clean up. They left, and Nick quickly asked Sharon what she found in the box, and Sharon showed him the matchbook from the motel where Cameron attacked Sharon.

They both agreed Cameron had to still be in prison. Even so, Sharon knew he was up to something. A knock came, and it was Chance (Conner Floyd). He had bad news about Cameron. He was released after serving his original sentence and went to Los Angeles. While in L.A., he was arrested for assaulting his girlfriend.

sharon and nick fill chance in about cameron kirsten on young and the restless.
Sharon and Nick tell Chance all about Cameron Kirsten.

Chance asked Sharon and Nick to fill him in on what Cameron did. Sharon explained what had happened when she met Cameron in Denver, and he assaulted her. She admitted she kept it all quiet and tried to forget.

Sharon flashed back to Cameron’s appearance in Genoa City and how he gaslit her over his beating her. Later, Cameron blackmailed her into meeting him. In the hotel room, he tried to rape her, and she hit him over the head with a champagne bottle, thinking he was dead.

Nick worried that Cameron was back to insinuate himself into Sharon’s life. Sharon revealed how Cameron haunted her and later showed up alive and well in town, acting as if nothing had happened. He framed Sharon for murder and took her hostage, but Nick helped save her. Sharon vowed she’d never let Cameron terrorize her again.

Chance thanked them for sharing the story, and Nick pointed out that Chance couldn’t do anything until Cameron crossed a line. He encouraged Nick and Sharon to share any messages with him, and Sharon thanked him for taking them seriously.

After Chance left, Sharon reassured Nick that the detective would discover what was happening with Cameron. Nick wasn’t so sure, though.

Faith walked through Chancellor Park as she texted. She bumped right into Cameron and apologized. “No problem at all,” he said.

Y&R Recap: Kyle Senses Something Is Up With Summer

Kyle (Michael Mealor) asked what Daniel (Michael Graziadei) and Summer (Allison Lanier) were talking about. Summer said Chance had told them Phyllis was alive, and she apologized for blaming Diane for a murder that never happened. After all, Kyle knew exactly how it felt.

Summer blamed the whole thing on Jeremy Stark, and Daniel corroborated the whole thing. They both said that Phyllis and Diane were victims of Jeremy. Kyle thanked Daniel for coming forward to help clear Diane’s name. Ultimately Summer insisted that Phyllis shouldn’t face any repercussions.

Lucy (Lily Brooks O’Briant) and Lily (Christel Khalil) had a meal at Society, and the teen thanked the older woman for letting her spend the day at the office. They chatted a bit, and Lucy hesitantly asked if Lily and Daniel had been married when they were kids.

lucy and lily bond on young and the restless.
Lily Winters and Lucy bond.

Lily wondered who told her, and she wanted to know if Lucy had talked to Daniel. Of course, the whole thing was true, and Lily said they weren’t old enough to be married when they were younger. Lily said she didn’t condone their young marriage, and Lucy insisted that she tell her everything about it.

Daniel walked up, wondering what he missed. They both replied, “Nothing,” in unison. He managed to get Lucy to leave, and both Daniel and Lily had news to tell each other. He went first and let Lily know they found proof Phyllis was alive after her supposed “death,” and Lily was happy to hear it. Daniel said Summer knew where Phyllis was, but she wouldn’t tell him.

Lily let Daniel know that Lucy knew they used to be married and that Lucy was thrilled to know it because she felt they were star-crossed lovers destined to be together again. Later, Daniel and Lily said goodbye to Lucy, who had to go back to Europe.

Summer and Kyle went home, and they were alone. She thanked him for considering her worries after everything that had happened. Summer had to go run an errand, which shocked Kyle. She promised not to be long and left.

Later, Kyle ran into a surprised Summer at the Genoa City Athletic Club. He had her tablet, and Summer said she’d stopped by to get Diane a spa gift certificate. Kyle gave Summer her tablet and turned to go. However, Summer said she’d return with him, suggesting champagne and balloons to celebrate when they got home.

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