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Who Should Be The One To Save Dylan?

The Young and the Restless

Dylan’s trapped in a car with Fisk and not headed in the direction of the pier, where they were supposed to complete their drug deal on The Young and the Restless.

Suffice it say, things don’t look good for the undercover cop. Nevertheless, Dylan (Steve Burton) has to play it cool, since his life is on the line and he wants to complete his undercover assignment and bring down the corrupt Fisk. As Dylan attempts to navigate his way through the precarious situation, Soap Hub asked who you’d like to see come along and save the day – and Dylan. Over 4.000 fans weighed in.

More than half of you, some 62%, voted for Dylan’s dad, Paul (Doug Davidson). He’s a seasoned detective, who’s been on the force for decades and knows the ins and outs of complicated cases like this. If anyone can handle this dangerous situation, it’s Paul. Add the impetus of saving his son, and he is the perfect person to come to Dylan’s aid.

Sexy Alex was immediately taken with Dylan and seems to have a soft spot for him, whether she totally trusts him or not. As a result, 22% of you would like to see her save Dylan. Perhaps she could plead Dylan’s case with Fisk and convince him her new lover is on the up-and-up. If that doesn’t work, maybe she could take Fisk out herself.

The GCPD cyber king, Kevin (Greg Rikaart), is the man for the job, say 10% of you. You believe he’d be able to track Dylan down the quickest and find a way to intercept the car he’s traveling in with Fisk. Once that happened, crafty Dylan would find a way to remove himself from the dangerous situation he finds himself in.

Considering she may have compromised the case, when she went against police rules and telephoned Dylan, 6% of you would like to see Sharon redeem herself by saving her husband. You’re not exactly sure how she’d do it, but you’d bet she’d involve Mariah in the plan, and you’d like to hope it would work. You care too much about Dylan to even think about him getting offed by Fisk.

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