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Will Noah’s Young and the Restless Club Finally Make Him Happy?

Young and the Restless Noah NewmanYoung and the Restless Noah Newman

Ever since he returned to The Young and the Restless, Noah Newman has been a sad sack. First, we were supposed to think it was the girl who dumped him back in London who was responsible for his perennial pouting. Then we were supposed to think he was pining for Tessa Porter, even though she was about to marry his sister.

Young and the Restless Polling

But now, Noah (Rory Gibson) has Allie Nguyen (Kelsey Wang) by his side, and he’s about to open the hottest club in Genoa City…whatever that may turn out to be. Will this finally be enough for him to cheer up?

Outside Y&R Forces

There’s something else nagging at Noah, 40% of the audience is guessing. It’s not that he desperately needed money to survive, and a new job will fix that. It’s not as if no girl paid him any mind until Allie came along and threw him a bone. Since those weren’t his original problems, these aren’t the solutions to fix them.

Young and the Restless Passion Fruit

Yeah, sure, that’ll do the trick, another 35% of you are much more optimistic. Opening a club is Noah’s passion project. He disappointed his father to make it happen, and he had to go to two — two! — different investors before they handed him the money to do whatever he wanted. After working so hard, surely Noah will be fulfilled…and less pouty.

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Young & Restless: Who Knows

We really don’t know anything about Noah, 25% of voters point out. We don’t know what happened in London, we don’t know what he wants out of life, we don’t know if the club is really his lifelong passion or just a rich kid getting bored with his last grand hobby — photography — and using his family money to distract himself. We don’t even know how he really feels about Allie. So who knows what might make him happy?

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