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Should Chance Chancellor Help Summer on The Young and the Restless?

Is Summer Newman Abbott about to get a hero on Y&R?

summer wants chance chancellor to help her on young and the restless.Summer wants Chance to help her.

Summer is losing her mind on The Young and the Restless. The only thing that’s gone her way in weeks is that Chance Chancellor wouldn’t pursue the evidence Jack and Kyle scrounged up against Phyllis. Because it was illegally gotten, inadmissible in court, and likely to do more harm than good.

Young and the Restless Polling

Summer (Allison Lanier) begged Chance (Conner Floyd) for help bringing her mom home — and keeping Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) out of prison when she returns to Genoa City. Should he step up? Here’s what almost 2,000 fans voted for.

Chance Chancellor: Young and the Restless Doubts

Uhm, 22% of the audience wonders, why exactly would Chance (Conner Floyd) do that? He’s a cop. Phyllis is a criminal. Summer is, at worst, an accomplice, and at best, an obstacle. What would be in it for Chance to aid and abet someone he might need to arrest down the line?

Y&R: Help Less

Even if Chance wanted to help, 25% wonder what he could do. Unless he were willing to bend the law. Or outright break it. But fine, upstanding Chance would never do that? It’s not like Summer is her grandfather. Sure, Chance deliberately ignored evidence that would have proved Victor (Eric Braeden) and Nick (Joshua Morrow) were involved in Ashland’s (Robert Newman) death. But he was married to Abby (Melissa Ordway) then. And Victor told…er, asked him to. Chance doesn’t owe the Newmans anything anymore even if Summer is one.

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Chance Chancellor: Young and the Restless Hero

Someone should help sweet, innocent, helpless Summer, 53% have decided. And if her husband refuses to let his own mother go to jail so that his mother-in-law can walk free, then it’s the least Chance can do. Step up and do the right thing for a damsel in distress. Following the law is for the little people. And you’re a Chancellor. That’s almost as good as being an Abbott or a Newman. Take advantage of it.

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