Secret Y&R Agenda: What Victor Newman Has Planned For Sally

Is Sally stepping into a Y&R trap?

victor newman and sally spectra on the young and the restless.Is Victor pulling one over on Sally Spectra?

After we can’t remember how long Victor Newman barely recalled Sally’s name and insisted on calling her “the seamstress” on The Young and the Restless, he’s suddenly done an about-face and offered her a job.

Young and the Restless Polling

And not as a seamstress. Sally (Courtney Hope) was certainly surprised. So was Nick (Joshua Morrow). And so was Adam (Mark Grossman). Not to mention the audience. Just what does Victor (Eric Braeden) think he is doing? And why? What almost 2,000 fans think is going on:

Victor Newman: Benefit of the Doubt

Victor (Eric Braeden) has finally come to his senses, 11% are getting. See, Victor doesn’t get that whole women who want to run the world deal. Sure, he made his own daughter CEO of the family company. But Victor constantly makes it clear to Victoria (Amelia Heinle) that he is the actual power. She’s just the pretty figurehead who rules at his whim. That’s OK.

A woman like Sally (Courtney Hope) who just wants to succeed in a man’s world is unseemly. Or, at least, it used to be. Now that she’s gotten pregnant like a real woman, Victor accepts her better. And now that she’s lost her baby and is emotionally fragile, that’s even better. Victor can offer her a job now. She’s no longer a threat.

Your Y&R Guess is as Good as Mine

For 35% of the audience, however, you really have no clue what Victor is doing, or why. Does he feel bad for Sally and want to give her something to distract her from her grief? Is he doing it as a favor to Nick (Joshua Morrow)? Is he doing it to piss off and distract Adam (Mark Grossman)? Is he just a jerk? Well, yes, he is. But there’s got to be more here. Right?

Victor Newman: Bad Vibes

Oh, please, 54% dismiss. Obviously, Victor has bad intentions toward Sally. She rubbed him the wrong way from the start, and the sooner he can get her out of town, the better. Victor can pretend it’s revenge for Sally getting Summer (Allison Lanier) her dream job, or because he’s protecting both his sons from that schemer. We suspect Sally reminds Victor a little too much of Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott). The good. The bad. The very attractive…

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