Right To Worry: Phyllis Summers Feared Jeremy on Young and Restless

The Y&R audience was ahead of Phyllis on this one!

phyllis summers was playing with fire with jeremy stark on young and the restless.Jeremy Stark was acting shifty from the get-go on Y&R.

We’d barely asked whether Phyllis Summers has something legitimate to fear from Jeremy on The Young and the Restless before he showed his true colors…and Phyllis whacked him. So clearly, Phyllis was right.

Young and the Restless Polling

But did the fans figure it out before she did? We asked viewers, before Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) took care of business, whether or not she had a legitimate reason to fear Diane’s (Susan Walters) ex, and this is what you had to say about it.

Phyllis Summers: Tough Love

Jeremy (James Hyde) wasted no time in stealing Phyllis’s money — and threatening her. And 19% of you are convinced she did the right thing by staying tough. Tough is the only language guys like Jeremy understand. If she’s tried to defend herself or pled for her life, he would have simply laughed in her face. Fighting back was Phyllis’s only option, and you are so glad she took it.

Young and the Restless: Smartest One in the Room

We’re not worried about Phyllis’s safety, 28% countered. Look, Diane tried to tell her how dangerous Jeremy was. But did Phyllis listen? Not our Phyllis! Even Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) and Ashley (Eileen Davidson) distanced themselves from Phyllis once they realized the danger she’d brought to town along with Stark. But Phyllis wasn’t cowed! Phyllis always figures out how to get out of a tough situation. Even if it means taking a man’s life. It’s what he deserved.

Phyllis Summers: Dead Again On Young and the Restless

But then there was the 53% of the audience who could see into the future in a way Phyllis couldn’t. Of course, she should be afraid of Jeremy. She was already “dead.” So who would go looking for her if she disappeared for real?

Jeremy flat-out said as much when explaining why Phyllis didn’t have a leg to stand on. She was going to do things his way, or she wouldn’t do anything again. You knew Phyllis should be afraid of Jeremy, but you’re not happy she found that out the hard way.

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