One Of the Family: Should Johnny Abbott Accept Chelsea on Y&R?

What kind of a modern family is this?

Young and the Restless Johnny and Chelsea

Because Chelsea Lawson pushed them on The Young and the Restless, Victoria Newman and Billy Abbott decided to tell their son that Chelsea was his biological mother. Johnny Abbott insisted he didn’t care who that was. Victoria and Billy insisted on telling him anyway.

Young and the Restless Polling

Not only was Johnny (Paxton Mishkind) angry that they gave him the information he didn’t want, but he also wasn’t thrilled that everyone seemed to know about Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) except him. (In Chelsea’s defense, she did warn Billy (Jason Thompson) and Victoria (Amelia Heinle) that this would happen.) Should Johnny accept Chelsea as part of his family? Here’s what over 3,000 fans would like to see happen.

Johnny Abbott: Mom’s the Word

A little over half of the audience, 52%, would be perfectly happy if Chelsea remained no more than the mother of Johnny’s cousin, Connor Newman (Judah Mackey). Victoria has literally been Johnny’s mother since the day he was born. Why should an unfortunate accident of biology change that now?

Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps

It depends on what Chelsea expects to happen next, 27% of you hedge. If this really was about Johnny not feeling like he’s been deliberately kept in the dark, that’s one thing. But if Chelsea expects to pop into the Mommy role and demand that Johnny adores her as much as Connor no longer seems to, then we have a problem. We especially have a problem if Chelsea thinks she will now have a say in Johnny’s life. Especially if he decided to play all his parents against each other.

Y&R: It Is What It Is

What a silly question, 21% of voters dismiss. Chelsea is Johnny’s mother. She’s already a part of his life, and she always will be. If Victoria thinks she can get in the way, that’s her problem. So what if Chelsea drugged and raped Billy to conceive Johnny and blackmail Billy. She deserves love and respect, no matter what!

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