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Y&R Star Eric Braeden Shares Important Health Update

The Y&R star shared a more vulnerable side when talking about his diagnosis.

young and the restless star eric braden shares an important health update.Eric Braeden is battling bladder cancer.

Eric Braeden has taken to social media to reveal to his followers that he’s dealing with a health matter. The Young and the Restless fan favorite assures his supporters that he’s going to beat this!

Eric Braeden Shares Important News

In a Facebook video, Braeden shared in an approximately 13-and-a-half-minute video an important health update. “Today, I’m going to talk a little bit about my well-being,” the actor began. He recapped how he had had knee surgery a while back and the missteps he made during his recovery from that procedure.

“I’m going to lick this,” the actor shared. “I then made a mistake of doing squats — not with weights — I wasn’t that stupid.” Still, the movements gave Braeden a wake-up call. “Whoa!” he expressed upon finding out he wasn’t going to get back into his workout routine so easily. “I was soon disabused of that notion.”

The good news is that Braeden found out he hadn’t done damage to his knee. “I began to become a bit more careful then — but not really,” he says. “I come from the world of sports and have worked out my whole life.”

Another Medical Issue

While Braeden continued to recuperate from knee surgery, he discovered that he had another health issue going on in his body — problems with his prostate. “It’ll happen to [men],” he predicts. “Your prostate grows as you grow older. All the wrong things grow as you grow older.”

In March, Braeden shared part of this story, but now he’s opening up about more details related to the matter. Braeden says he consulted with a doctor who helped bring relief to his situation, but that was only temporary. Later, while on his way to work, Braeden stopped at Cedars Sinai Hospital, which is not far from TV City, where Y&R tapes, for additional treatment. A second doctor performed a procedure that also lessened his discomfort.

Eric Braeden: Victor Newman Sighting

Braeden says at Cedars, he was treated by a well-known urologist. He believed he had come to the right person. “Funny story,” the actor adds. “As he was inserting the catheter into you-know-what, he kept looking at me.” The physician asked Braeden if he was an actor and was he Victor Newman? Braeden confirmed that was true. The doctor said that when he came from Vietnam to the United States, he learned how to speak English by watching Y&R.

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Braeden questioned why the doctor was telling him this during a delicate procedure but wondered if it served to distract him. The actor says the doctor informed him during a follow-up session that he had discovered cancer in his bladder.

“Whoa,” Braeden responded to the news. “Huh. Holy [expletive]. I said, ‘All right.’ I was taken aback.” The surgeon removed the cancer while doing another procedure on Braeden’s bladder.

Positive News

Braeden reports that his doctor told him he believes he got it all out. “Love it!” the actor responded. A subsequent visit revealed that Braeden is not out of the woods just yet and that additional procedures will be necessary.

Those procedures, Braeden says, “arouse your own immune system to where [medicine] goes after high-grade cancer cells.” The doctor told Braeden he might feel weak after his first procedure but that that was a good thing as it shows his body is fighting.

“Every time you go there, you cringe because they’re going to go up your you-know-what,” Braeden delicately explains. “So, that’s where I am…I’m a little under the weather but not much.” The Y&R star says he continues to work out but in a reduced capacity. “That’s a difficult thing to do as an athlete; learn to slow it down.”

Eye of the Tiger

Braeden’s fans won’t be surprised to learn he’s taking an aggressive stance with his health and recovery. “If you have seen me a little under the weather, I am, yeah,” he shares. “But I am relentless. This bastard ain’t going to get me! I’m going to get it! I’ll be in top form again soon. I love acting.”

At the end of his video, Braeden clearly became quite emotional. “I love your support,” he told his fans as his voice broke a bit. “Means a lot…” He concluded his talk by offering encouragement and hope. “Whenever you have someone in the family who goes through this, [you should] support them,” Braeden said. “There’s so much advancement in cancer treatment. You can survive it!”

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