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Y&R Alumni Abhi Sinha Reveals ‘I Am an Addict’

Abhi Sinha is on the road to recovery and wants to help others get there, too.

abhi sinha young and the restless alum.Abhi Sinha.

Computer expert Ravi, played by Abhi Sinha, on Young and the Restless caught the eye of Ashley Abbott during his stay in Genoa City. Now, Sinha is opening up about a real-life journey that he’s taking to get his addiction under control.

Abhi Sinha: Recovery Road

“[On] July 10, 2023, I checked into rehab,” Sinha began in an emotional Instagram post. “What started out as occasional weed use, some hard drug experimenting, and social drinking, eventually turned into an uncontrollable addiction. An addiction that was not only expensive financially, but cost more than just money.

“I can’t pinpoint an exact incident, time, and date when I started to spiral out of control, but starting with my parents separation in 2013 to the end of a 7 year relationship during the pandemic, many triggering events occurred in between,” the actor reveals. “One of my best friends OD’d; I had to put down my beloved dog before he turned 3; A couple months later, my other dog was shot & killed; I lost a job I loved and was really good at. I was written off unceremoniously, and without explanation.

It Got Worse

“When these events occurred in succession, I never properly dealt with the pain it caused,” Sinha wrote. “Instead I tried to numb it because being in an altered state made me feel good. Perhaps I was lying to myself and in reality it helped me to not feel bad.

“I would start drinking early in the day, before work, before auditions, in front of family,” he confesses. “I believed it enhanced my creativity & made me less inhibited. I fooled no one but myself. My addiction resulted in fractured relationships with the most important people in my life, in lost opportunities, in self-hatred, in low self-esteem, in imposter syndrome and in a series of toxic relationships. It would have eventually cost me my life. That was my rock bottom.

Abhi Sinha: I Am an Addict

“I am an addict – But addiction is a symptom of deeper mental health issues that need to be addressed,” Sinha offers. “I am fortunate to have been in a facility that focused on not only addiction, but mental health as well.

Hope for the Future

“Today I am 91 days clean and sober,” the actor happily shares. ” I have an incredible support system. Friends who have become family. Family whose trust I have regained. All the pieces of myself that I never imagined would be gone have come back like magic. And a wiser, stronger me is certainly staring back in the mirror.

“For the first time in my life, I’m living in gratitude every day. I can’t remember the last time I was this happy. I am focusing on finding my ‘Ikigai.'” (Editor’s note: Ikigai is a Japanese concept that combines the terms iki, meaning “alive” or “life,” and gai, meaning “benefit” or “worth.”)

Helping Others

“If you or anyone you know is suffering from addiction, please reach out to me,” Sinha concludes. “I am committed to paying it forward. There are programs/ people who are available and want to help. You should never feel alone or hopeless.”

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