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Did Victor Really Keep This Jordan News From Fragile Nikki On Young And the Restless?

Is Victor’s lie going to cause more harm than good where Nikki is concerned?

nikki and victor at society on the young and the restless.Victor tries to protect Nikki, but she seems to realize he's lying.

On the Tuesday, January 30 episode of The Young and the Restless, Victor got some fiery news about Aunt Jordan that he kept from Nikki, presuming she’s too fragile to handle another stressful situation.

Nikki’s Struggles Are Too Big

This time around, Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) isn’t handling her fall off the wagon very well. She insisted on keeping the news secret from Victor (Eric Braeden), and Jack (Peter Bergman) did not like it.

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In her office at Newman Media, after Victor left without realizing she was in there, Jack pointed out to Nikki that she shouldn’t be lying to Victor. He urged her to be upfront with her husband about him being her sponsor. However, Nikki bullied Jack into keeping the secret by insisting she wouldn’t have him tell her husband the truth.

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Later, Jack admitted to Diane (Susan Walters) that he hated keeping the information a secret, and he revealed that the look in Nikki’s eyes this time around was worrisome. He wasn’t convinced that she could stay sober.

Also worried was Nick (Joshua Morrow). He and Victor spoke a bit about Nikki. Of course, when she came upstairs to go to dinner with Victor, she instantly noticed and asked them to stop looking at her like she was about to fall apart. They didn’t listen, but it’s tough to blame them when she’s acting so erratic lately.

Even so, Victor may have made a huge mistake when he got a call while they dined at Society. He played it off as merely business, but Victor learned of a fire at the facility where Jordan (Colleen Zenk) is serving time. He kept cool, but it was clear Nikki knew that Victor was lying to her about the call just being business. Can she stay on the wagon with the added stress of knowing Jordan is on the loose? Something tells us, she’s going to have a mighty struggle.

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