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The Young and the Restless’s Lily Brooks O’Briant Reveals Private Health Battle

Lily Brooks O’Briant is battling a big health issue .

lily brooks o'briant from young and the restlessLily Brooks O'Briant shares health news.

Prayers and well-wishes are going out to Lily Brooks O’Briant, who plays Lucy Romalotti on The Young and the Restless. The actress is sharing from her hospital bed some health updates following a life-changing surgery and addressing women all over the globe.

Lily Brooks O’Briant: A Devastating Diagnosis

“Yesterday was a scary but validating day,” O’Briant posted on Instagram. “I had endometriosis excision surgery. The amazing @drseckin, Dr. Chu, and their team removed 21 endometrial lesions that have caused debilitating pain, nausea, migraines & more over the past 3 1/2 years.

“The endometrial tissue was everywhere (my ovaries, bowel, intestines & more) & my left ovary had become distorted & fused to the tube [because] endo is like having chewing gum in your body,” explains the actress, who plays Daniel’s (Michael Graziadei) daughter. “The muscles in my pelvis were constantly pulling to extract the endo that was sitting in places it shouldn’t be which was causing the pain & more scar tissue to develop. Yes, my pain was real & No I wasn’t overreacting. My extreme pain from the endo is what caused me to lose weight – not an eating disorder or IBS or a reaction to gluten/dairy/caffeine. The migraines were not stress or anxiety-induced – it was pain & my body reacting to the endo.

Help From A Dancing With the Stars Champion

“I know I am INCREDIBLY lucky to be diagnosed so young,” a grateful O’Briant philosophizes. “Most women live with insane pain for 10+ years before being diagnosed & many are told they are overreacting or that it’s all in their head. I am so very grateful that @bindiIrwin [Bindi Irwin] shared her endometriosis journey on insta in March & then when I met her in May at the Steve Irwin gala she was so very kind & strongly encouraged me to find answers.

“I saw several doctors in LA (one recommended they put me into perimenopause or on antidepressants to control the pain – um no) but I am so grateful to have found @seckinmd & his amazing team,” the Y&R cast member says. “It has been a really difficult, scary & lonely journey, but I am so so grateful that my mom researched & didn’t just accept the unacceptable answers, that other women like @lesliemosier & others have shared their stories that helped me know I wasn’t alone and for Dr. Seckin & Dr. Chu (who are incredibly compassionate) who believed me & are dedicated to helping women with endo.

“I’m sharing my story to let other women who are struggling with endo know you are not alone,” O’Briant explains. “For those who are reading this & quietly dealing with pain & no answers, please let this be your validation that your pain is real. Keep searching for answers.” Click here for more info on endometriosis.

O’Briant Shares an Important Update

“I had a little setback today,” O’Briant shares. “I’ve lost some more blood than normal which is highly unusual & concerning. They’ve done an ultrasound & CT scan and I may need to get two units of blood. We are waiting to see if it is active internal bleeding & if so I will need another surgery but I have an AMAZING surgeon who has stayed by my side today. I will need to stay in the hospital a couple more days. It will be ok.”

The actress is concentrating on self-care and recovery. Soap Hub sends prayers and positive vibes to the brave young woman as she continues to mend.

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