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The Young and the Restless’ Sharon Case Talks Real-Life Relationship on 90210MG

Sharon Case The Young and the RestlessSharon Case The Young and the Restless

Prior to landing her Daytime Emmy-winning role as Sharon on The Young and the Restless, Sharon Case did a few episodes of Beverly Hills 90210. She recently chatted with series stars Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling on their podcast 90210MG.

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Case guest-starred on two episodes of 90210 as a character named Darla although, for some reason, Darla had different surnames in each of her episodes. In the show titled April Is The Cruelest month, she had scenes not with any of the series regulars but with Matthew Perry (who played Roger) — before he went on to star in the NBC sitcom Friends.

Case spoke with Garth (who played Kelly) and Spelling (who played Donna), a self-proclaimed YR fan, about a variety of topics. Here’s a sampling:

On working with Matthew Perry

“What’s so funny is that [I remember] we kissed in that episode. I’ve said that to people. I watched it recently to prepare for this podcast, but I didn’t see any kissing! I think it got cut.”

On how many hours a day she’s on set at YR

“I got here this morning at 6. We start shooting at 8:30 am and I’ll probably be done by 4 p.m. I think I only have between 15 and 20 pages of dialogue a day this week.”

On how kissing scenes are done on soaps

“We’re still not allowed to touch. We have to be six feet apart. If you’re in a storyline with someone you’re in quarantine with, in real-life, which is the case with me, we can touch or kiss. We have a couple of people on the show who can touch or kiss. It doesn’t mean we’re in a storyline, but we could be. I’m hearing they’re going to shorten the distance.”

On more details about her relationship with a castmate

“Well…yeah! We’ve never really talked about it so bluntly. The reason we finally mentioned it to the studio is so that we wouldn’t have to distance if the show wanted to put us in scenes together. Some of our viewers are kind of [commenting] that people don’t stand together. We’re being super-careful.”

(Note: Case does not specifically state she’s referring to castmate Mark Grossman, who plays Adam, however, the two are in some social media posts together, one of which can be seen below. Also, Sharon and Adam have kissed on the show.)

On the YR company going back into production a lot sooner than other shows

“Mid-July last year. That was fast. That’s why we started off with such strict rules.”

On working with Ian Ziering (Steve) in another episode of Beverly Hills 90210:

“I remember [Ian] came into the hair and makeup trailer…he threw the door open…he was really funny…He was really silly like that, really natural. He wasn’t flirty. He certainly isn’t quiet.”

On her favorite Beverly Hills 90210 character

“Dylan [the late Luke Perry].”

On being Team Dylan or Team Brandon (Jason Priestley):

“It’s a tough pick, but I’ll go Dylan.”

The Young and the Restless (YR) airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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