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Soap Stars’ January Birthday Alerts: Find Out Who’s Celebrating

Find out when your favorite actors are celebrating their special day.

soap stars' birthday alerts: find out who's celebrating graphic with all four soap logosSoap Stars Birthday Alerts.

The holiday season is almost over and done, but a slew of daytime stars still have reason to celebrate. That’s because they’ll be commemorating a birthday in January. Soap Hub has compiled a list of all the dates, so you can send the actors and actresses you love best wishes on their special day via Twitter and Instagram. Or you could go the old-fashioned route and mail them an actual card.

Soap Stars Celebrating In January

If you are a Capricorn (December 22 – January 19), here are some of your traits. Capricorn is the tenth sign in the zodiac and is symbolized by the Goat. Capricorn is an earth sign with such traits as a very focused drive, a practical outlook on life, drive and determination, loyalty, tradition, ambition, and a laser-focus on achievement. Caps can thank their ruling planet Saturn, which encompasses hard work, challenging lessons, organization, concentration, responsibility, rules, boundaries, and discipline.

Capricorn is a cardinal sign which makes them natural-born leaders, visionaries, trendsetters, and idea people who can make something out of nothing. They are hard workers, and they age backward. As young people, they seem to be older than their time. They are close to their grandparents or older relatives. They start out as workaholics and then lighten up as they grow older.

In love, the Goats are in it for the long haul. They will do whatever it takes to succeed in a relationship and can roll with the punches. Negative traits can include self-interest, demanding, unrealistic standards for themselves and others, finding it hard to relax, melancholy, and depression. They are known to have a different persona in their private life, a dirty little naughty side that they only share with a chosen few.

The Bold and the Beautiful’s Diamond White (Paris Buckingham) was a New Year’s Day baby. She turns 24 on January 1. That same day, All My Children and Young and the Restless alum, Eden Riegel (ex-Bianca Montgomery; ex-Heather Stevens respectively) turns 42.

The next daytime soap star who’ll be toasting his natal day is an alum of all four soaps — Rick Hearst, who will turn 58 on January 4. General Hospital alum Joe Flanigan (ex-Neil Byrne) turns 56 on January 5. A couple of days later, Camryn Grimes (Mariah Copeland, Y&R) turns 33 on January 7.

GH’s Donnell Turner (Curtis Ashford) will be celebrating a milestone this year. He’s turning 50 on January 8. That same day, beloved Knots Landing and daytime soap alum Kathleen Noone turns 78.

Going the cake and candles route on January 14 is Days of our Lives alum James Scott (ex-EJ DiMera), who turns 44.

On January 16, Anders Hove (ex-Cesar Faison, GH) will be celebrating as he turns 67. The next day, beloved GH vet Jane Elliot (ex-Tracy Quartermaine) joins the birthday revelry. The actress is turning 76 on January 17.

If you are an Aquarius (January 20 – February 18), here are a few of your traits. Aquarius is the 11th sign in the zodiac and the last of the air signs. The fact that it is symbolized by The Water Bearer often confuses people but it is most definitely an air sign through and through. Of all the signs, Aquarians are the most innovative, progressive, rebellious, and humanitarian. They are healers of the mind, body, and spirit.

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Aquarians are naturally curious. This fosters a deep inner need to find solutions and answer unanswered questions. They have a need to figure things out. They are natural-born psychotherapists. While water signs ride the wave of their emotions, Aquarians remained detached which gives them a unique perspective to offer their insight. Social by nature, Aquarians make great friends, collaborators, and team members. They are also confident enough to flaunt their quirky, eccentric, and funky side.

Aquarians will always remember their first love. For better or worse, their first love leaves a mark they never quite forget. Friendship is so important to this sign, anyone they fall in love with will be a friend first and foremost. On the negative side, Aquarians can come across as cold, detached, and aloof. They do not like authority figures and rebel against the norm. They like to shock people. Aquarius is a fixed sign which makes them very stubborn and set in their ways. To maintain their interest, a partner must let them be their quirky self and don’t try to reign them in.

A popular DAYS alumna is getting into party mode, too. Sal Stowers (ex-Lani Price Grant) turns 37 on January 20 while Lorenzo Lamas (ex-Hector Ramirez, B&B) turns 65. The next day on January 21, GH alum Garren Stitt (ex-Oscar Nero) turns 20.

On January 22, soap hopper and former star of The Flash, John Wesley Shipp, turns 68.

Meanwhile, another former DAYS soap star, Giles Marini (ex-Ted Laurent), will be blowing out some candles on January 26. That’s the day he turns 47. Also that same day, Anthony Turpel (ex-RJ Forrester) is celebrating turning 23.

It’s a major birthday for Tabyana Ali, who has been front and center as GH’s Trina Robinson since joining the daytime scene in 2022. The actress is leaving her teen years behind her on January 28, when she turns 20.

The month wraps up with three popular soap stars, two present, and one past, toasting their natal day. Matthew Ashford (Jack Deveraux, DAYS) turns 63 and Justin Hartley (ex-Adam Newman, Y&R) turns 46 on January 29. The month ends with Réal Andrews (Marcus Taggert, GH) turning 60 on January 31.

January 2023 Overview

The new year begins with Mercury, the planet of transportation and communication, and Mars, the planet of temperament and action, in retrograde. This is not the month to put plans into action. It is more like a month to slow down, reflect, and take care of unfinished business. By January 6, you will likely feel the effects of the emotional Cancer full moon which also marks the end of a six-month cycle that began with the new moon on June 28th. A good time to see how far you have come since those summer months.

Mars moves direct on the 12th and Mercury goes direct on the 18th. It will not feel like full speed ahead but more like a slow ramping up of energy. On the 20th, the Sun joins Venus, the planet of love and romance, in the sign of Aquarius. The next day, they join up with Saturn, the planet of commitment. Look for new beginnings in relationships, financial, and artistic endeavors. By the 26th, when Venus moves into the dreamy and imaginative Pisces, there’s an added emphasis on spiritual and romantic pursuits. You may find yourself caught up in daydreaming and there is nothing wrong with that. On the 29th, the month ends on a confident and action-oriented note moving into February with the feeling of having your pedal to the metal!

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