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Baby Yoda Helps To Teach Y&R’s Christian Le Blanc To Use The Force

Christian Le Blanc Baby Yoda The Young and the RestlessChristian Le Blanc Baby Yoda The Young and the Restless

On The Young and the Restless, Michael Baldwin sure could’ve used The Force when he was held on trumped-up charges in Peru, but thankfully he ended up escaping without it. Recently, his portrayer Christian Le Blanc took lessons in how to use it from Baby Yoda.

Christian Le Blanc Uses The Force To Get Young and the Restless

In what might be the cutest video on Instagram this week, Le Blanc teamed up with his “roommate” Baby Yoda, AKA Grogu, of the Disney+ series The Mandalorian. In the video, as Frozen’s hit song “Let It Go” sung by none other than Elsa herself played in the background, the Michael Baldwin actor pondered, “WHAT IS THE POINT?”

His answer may come as a bit of a surprise. Although, if you watch the cute video, which you can see below, perhaps you already know the point if you’re a fan of the tasty breakfast cereal Lucky Charms. Ultimately, the actor told his young green friend that the actual point was to eat only the delicious milky marshmallows and none of the “brown stuff,” which is how Le Blanc referred to the cereal part of the breakfast entree. It seemed that he missed the point, though, because, in some of his subsequent bites, Christian Le Blanc appeared to eat a healthy dose of both marshmallows and the aforementioned “brown stuff.”

For his part, Baby Yoda seemed understanding, nodding along to his roommate’s existential ruminations. In the end, though, it seems that the actor really got his young friend’s attention. He needed the remote, and Grogu was no help. That’s when he used a trick he very likely learned from the little guy.

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Instead of using a remote to change the show, Le Blanc held out his hand and closed his eyes, presumably activating The Force. Shortly after, Nadia’s Theme from The Young and the Restless came on, and Baby Yoda seemed pleased. Then Christian Le Blanc said, “I thought you’d like that. Booya.”

Friends and fans seemed to love the fun clip, and a few Y&R co-stars from past and present replied, including Bryton James (Devon Hamilton) and Sean Carrigan (Dr. Ben “Stitch” Rayburn). Check it out for yourself below.

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