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It’s Ashley Abbott Said, Tucker Said: Who Is Right on Y&R?

The show has left this up in the air…for now.

ashley abbott and tucker mccall on young and the restlessWhose version is right?

Ashley is so determined to prove that she remembers her breakup with Tucker correctly on The Young and the Restless, that she’s off to Paris to prove it — little sis Traci by her side. Jack — and we — aren’t exactly sure why this is important at this point, but, hey, we’re willing to play along. Who is telling the truth in this case of he said/she said?


Tucker (Trevor St. John) is always so low key. Sometimes, we can’t even tell if he’s awake or paying attention. He rarely gets upset about…anything. So why would he have gotten upset with Ashley (Eileen Davidson)? We don’t even believe that he ever loved her, much less that he’d throw a fit when she didn’t reciprocate his feelings in a manner he found acceptable. We don’t see this version of Tucker throwing a chair and breaking a glass. We see him more…nodding off right there at the table.

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Always Believe Women

Ashley was once married to Victor (Eric Braeden). She knows what it’s like to be yelled at. If Ashley thought Tucker was louder and more pissy than Victor, then he must have been very loud and pissy, indeed. She put up with Victor’s bellowing without batting an eye. Tucker had to really, really be awful for her to even notice. Why would she make that up?

The Truth in the Middle

We all know the saying: There’s your side, my side…and the truth. Traci (Beth Maitland) said as much to Ashley. We expect the truth to be somewhere in the middle of Ashley and Tucker’s version. Maybe he did raise his voice and knock over a glass. But by accident, not deliberately and not at Ashley. And maybe Ashley did deliberately provoke him — but he only gave as good as he got. What we need now is a waiter with a memory like a steel trap. And the ability to speak English.

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