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Is There Any Way For Cane To Redeem Himself On The Young And The Restless?

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Cane’s been fairly well deconstructed on The Young and the Restless (YR), having lost the faith of his wife and kids, his job, and employment prospects. And while he loves being a dad, he wasn’t exactly looking forward to being a father again under his current circumstances.

Can Cane (Daniel Goddard) clean up this mess and get his life back on track? Soap Hub asked fans if this was possible, and the results may surprise you.

Father’s Daze
The good news is that more than half of you, nearly 52% to be exact, think that Cane will be able to turn this around. But there’s a big caveat attached to that.

Viewers are hoping that Cane isn’t really the father of Juliet’s (Laur Allen) baby. Yes, the DNA tests show that he is, but how reliable are they?

Cane himself should know better than most that tests can be fudged — especially in Genoa City! After all, he’s the man who carried vials of refrigerated blood belonging to another man around with him in case he was asked to prove his identity!

Positive Thinking
A solid 34% of you believe that Cane can bounce back from this, regardless of whether or not he’s Juliet’s baby’s daddy.

Plenty of people in Genoa City share children with other ex-partners and still manage to make their current relationships work. Billy (Jason Thompson), for example, shares two kids with Victoria, but manages to have a satisfying union with Phyllis.

In time, perhaps Cane and Lily (Christel Khalil) can accept that he has another child with another woman (if it’s even his kid). And Victor and Nikki have reunited more than once since he went off to start a new life with Hope and they had Adam together.

G’day, Mate!
A small but vocal number of fans, 14% of you, think that it’s over for Cane and Lily, and he needs to stay away from her.

This viewpoint is understandable. After all, Cane’s list of missteps is pretty lengthy. Certainly, many Genoa City citizens have gone on to other partners after ending other relationships.

(There was a time no one could have imagined married duo Paul and Lauren with anyone else, but nowadays they’re wed happily to, respectively, Christine and Michael.)

Odds are though that Cane and Lily will find their way back to one another; it’s just going to take a long time!

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