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Fans are Crystal Clear about What they Want from Travis and Vicky!

Travis and Vicky on The Young and the RestlessTravis and Vicky on The Young and the RestlessTravis and Vicky on The Young and the Restless

Travis spent the night with his ex, Michelle, and has been keeping it from Victoria.

Days after he cheated, Travis (Michael Roark) got down on one knee and proposed to Victoria, who was totally taken off guard. Although she was initially hesitant to accept and jump into another marriage, Victoria (Amelia Heinle) gave Travis the answer he wanted to hear: yes!

However, a giant doom cloud hovers over The Young and the Restless twosome. Both Ashley and Billy know that Travis cheated on his fiancé and have pressed him to level with her. Soap Hub asked fans what you want to see for the engaged pair.

It’s time for Victoria to kick Travis to the curb, says 43% of fans. You want the pair to split and for good reason. Not only did Travis cheat on Victoria, but he compounded the problem by lying to her about Michelle’s recent visit to Genoa City. Travis knows how much Victoria values the truth; particularly after her woes with Billy. Yet, he’s behaving exactly like him. That’s unacceptable. Victoria deserves better.

Call Off the Wedding
Some 29% of you think that Travis and Victoria should cancel their wedding and take a break. That is, after Travis ‘fesses up about cheating with Michelle. He owes that to Victoria. In time, you think Victoria may get over Travis’ betrayal and take him back. However, she could end up leaning on Billy for support and comfort, which could lead to a reunion with her ex.

What do you think? Post a comment!

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Happily Ever After
Travis made a mistake, he regrets it, and Victoria never needs to know about it. That’s what the 26% of you who want the pair to live happily-ever-after believe. Victoria’s heart would be broken if Travis told her about his romp with Michelle. Besides, it meant nothing to him. Victoria is the one and only woman he loves.

Who Knows?
The remaining 2% of you aren’t quite sure what you want to see for Victoria and Travis. While you’ve been enjoying their romance, Travis crossed a line when he cheated. Normally, you’re of the mindset that everyone deserves a second chance, but in this case you’re just not sure.

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