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Fans Are Crystal Clear About Phyllis and Billy – Do You Agree?

The Young and the RestlessThe Young and the Restless

After ending the affair that blew up both their lives, Phyllis and Billy have decided to rekindle things on The Young and the Restless (YR).

The re-pairing has been a surprise, to say the least. Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) had sworn off her ex-husband Jack’s (Peter Bergman) troubled little brother, realizing their tryst had been a huge mistake.

Meanwhile, Billy (Jason Thompson) had devoted himself to winning back his true love, Victoria (Amelia Heinle). Then, suddenly, Phyllis and Billy were ripping off each other’s clothes, again, and talking about giving a relationship a shot.

How do fans of The Young and the Restless feel about the pair’s reunion. Over 7000 of you weighed in the subject.

Not Again!
Some 42% of fans don’t quite get why this story was drudged up, again. The soap seemed to had extricated itself from pursuing the unholy coupling, after having both Phyllis and Billy come to their senses about how deeply they’d hurt Jack and blown up the Abbott family.

Phyllis had delved into her new job with Lauren, while Billy returned to working with and pursuing Victoria. To put them back together, knowing things can never truly work out between them seems pointless. Billy’s heart has always and will always belong to Victoria.

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Love Them Together
Meanwhile, 34% of you are thrilled Phyllis and Billy have reunited. They’re passionate and fiery together. Phyllis gets Billy in a way Victoria never will; and, above all, doesn’t judge him for his actions.

Instead, she gravitates toward the bad boy in him, probably because she sees a mirror image of the bad girl in her. The pair are a lot alike and deserve a chance to at least try to make their relationship work.

Keep Them Apart
The remaining 24% of you wish the soap had kept Phyllis and Billy apart. You found the coupling in poor taste, originally, and your opinion hasn’t changed in the least.

If the Abbott family and particularly, Billy’s relationship with his big brother Jack, is ever going to heal, Phyllis needs to stay removed from the equation.

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