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Fans Believe This Person Might Kill Dylan!

The Young and the RestlessThe Young and the Restless

When last seen, Dylan was locked in the back seat of Fisk’s crony’s car.

The plan was to take him to the pier, where they could complete their drug deal. However, Dylan (Steve Burton) quickly realized they were headed in the wrong direction.

It certainly appeared that he was in hot water and that his undercover operation might have been blown, putting his life in serious danger.

To make matters worse, no one at the GCPD had any contact with Dylan for hours. Soap Hub asked if you think Fisk will ultimately kill Dylan. Here’s what some 9000 fans of The Young and the Restless had to say.

No, Paul Will Save Him
Things may look pretty bleak regarding Dylan’s fate, but 57% of you don’t believe he’s a goner.

You think Fisk may be holding Dylan captive somewhere and is trying to get information out of him about who he’s really working for.

What do you think? Post a comment!

In the interim, you fully expect Paul (Doug Davidson) to track down his son in time to save him. Paul’s a veteran cop. If anyone can come to Paul’s rescue it’s him.

Yes, Dylan’s a Goner
Knowing actor Steve Burton is a few episodes away from leaving Y&R, 23% of you are convinced the soap is killing Dylan off via this undercover storyline.

Not only would it be a dramatic end for the character, but it would totally turn Sharon (Sharon Case), Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) and Paul’s lives upside down. Sharon would forever blame herself for compromising Dylan’s case by phoning him and so, most likely, would Nikki and Paul.

No, Alex Will Kill Him
The remaining 20% of you believe Dylan will die, but not at the hands of Fisk. You’re expecting a surprise twist. Namely, that Alex will be the one to pull the trigger and off Dylan. Now that’s she’s bedded him, she really doesn’t have any other use for him.

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