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Is Lauren Next on Jack’s Destroy List?

The Young and the RestlessThe Young and the Restless

Jack suspects something is amiss at Fenmore’s and looks ready to pounce on the opportunity.

When Lauren hesitated to become a patron for the foundation event, Jack (Peter Bergman) was intrigued. He’d never known her to balk about putting up money for a good cause before. It got Jack thinking that there might be financial problems at Fenmore’s, problems Jabot could take advantage of.

Soap Hub asked if you think Jack might jump on this and actually consider ruining his longtime pal. Some 6000 fans of The Young and the Restless weighed in on the subject.

No Way!
Despite Jack’s ruthless business behavior of late, 53% of you don’t believe that he’d actually go through with a plot that would ruin Lauren. The pair has been friends for decades.


When push comes to shove, you believe Jack will remember that and back off. Plus, you’re sure Ashley will be reminding him of that friendship at every turn. Deep down inside Jack is still the nice reputable guy he always was and he’ll be true to that.

She’s Going Down!
Lauren should be worried, according to 47% of you. The new Jack won’t let a little thing like a lifelong friendship get in the way of achieving a business goal; particularly a lucrative one like acquiring Fenmore’s could be.

You’re convinced he’d ruin Lauren in a heartbeat without giving it a second thought. This is no longer the same Jack fans have known and loved for years.

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