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Y&R Stepmama Drama: Nikki Newman Isn’t Seeing the Big Picture

Why she is taking the wrong Y&R approach with Adam and Victor.

nikki newman and a photo of adam on young and the restless.Nikki Newman and a photo of Adam Newman.

We don’t blame Nikki Newman on The Young and the Restless. She is married to Victor. She is Victoria and Nicholas’s mother. Of course, she is going to side with them over anyone else. Especially Adam. Son of another woman Victor dared to love. One who then went ahead and died, so now she is perfect forever. But we’re afraid Nikki is only looking at the short-term issues without considering the big picture.

Nikki Newman: Stand By Your Men

Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) has had it up to her perfectly coifed ‘do with Adam (Mark Grossman). Her stepson was rude to Victor (Eric Braeden). Her stepson was rude to Victoria (Amelia Heinle). Her stepson was rude to Nick (Joshua Morrow). And he is often rude to her.

Now, from where Adam is standing, they all deserve it. And we’re not saying he’s wrong. Victor’s wife and children have never missed an opportunity to remind Adam what an outsider he is. How he’d be Victor’s least favorite child if you discounted how Victor barely remembers Abby (Melissa Ordway) exists. So, everyone has a reason to hold a grudge. But Victoria, Nick, and Adam are dumb, petty, spoiled children. Nikki is the grown-up. And we expect her to be smarter.

Y&R: Backdraft

Nikki thinks she is making the situation better by telling Victor to cut all ties with Adam. His younger son is never going to appreciate everything Victor has done for him, so why keep beating your head against the wall? Coronate Victoria and Nick your heirs, and keep bossing them around the way you always have. They won’t fight back. Not like Adam.

But the problem with that is that Victor will never give up on Adam. Not until the Harvard grad breaks and admits father knows best. Which means Victor will never abandon Adam. And the more Nikki pushes him, the more Victor will push back. He’ll get grouchy, followed by grumpy, followed by yelly. He will start taking his frustrations with Adam out on Nikki. And that will roll over onto Victoria and Nick, which is the exact opposite of what she’s trying to achieve.

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