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Young and the Restless Does Tessa Porter and Mariah Oh So Wrong

Why in the world were Mariah Copeland and Tessa Porter — and we — treated this way?

mariah copeland and tessa porter of young and the restless looking sadWhy are Mariah Copeland and Tessa Porter being treated like this?

What was that, The Young and the Restless — it was bad enough that Mariah Copeland and Tessa Porter met the birth mother considering giving their baby to them off-screen. It was bad enough that they left town to wait for their daughter’s birth. But now, they met and brought their baby girl home…and we didn’t get to be there?

Big Young and the Restless Moments

Sure, we thought this rush to motherhood was ill-thought-out. Sure, we suspected it was Mariah (Camryn Grimes) trying to get over losing Bowie, and Tessa trying to get over losing her voice. Neither one is a good reason to have a baby. And, sure, we felt the entire storyline was completely lacking in drama.

But even with all that, we still assumed the show would play the usual beats. Yes, neither Tessa nor Mariah gave birth to their daughter. But there was still the moment when they first set eyes on her. When they first held her. When they first brought her home. Did Y&R not think we might want a peek at that?

Tessa Porter and Mariah: Second-Class Citizens

Is the uneven treatment because this baby is adopted and thus not a Newman or Abbott heir? And we don’t care about those?

Is it because adopting a baby isn’t as meaningful an experience as giving birth to one? Heck, for the Christmas episode, we got a whole dream sequence about some stranger’s baby being born, but we don’t get to witness Mariah and Tessa’s?

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Is it because this little girl of as yet no name has two moms, and, after giving them an on-screen wedding, the show figured they’d done enough, no need to call any more attention to it?

Or is it just bad writing? None of the options are forgivable. And all of them can be fixed. If Young and the Restless just set their mind to it, that is.

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