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Will Y&R’s Victor Newman Holding On Too Tight Cost Him Everything?

Stepping back didn’t work for Victor Newman but will regaining control help or hinder the Genoa City legend?

victor newman upset on the young and the restless.Will his need for control cost Victor Newman all he loves?

The great Victor Newman is an icon of industry in Genoa City, a legend to everyone who knows him on The Young and the Restless. He may not be the most liked person in town, but he certainly commands respect and gets it. Well, from people outside his family, at least.

Victor Newman: Back In Control

For a time, Victor (Eric Braeden) seemed to be stepping back from control of the business he built from the ground up — Newman Enterprises, allowing his various children chances at the top stop but removing that privilege when they did something he didn’t like. So his children learned their lessons well — Dad could take it all away at any time. But that didn’t stop them from accepting the jobs he dangled.

Victoria (Amelia Heinle) was enjoying a reasonably long stint in the CEO chair this last time, but Victor has decided that he will be back in charge, shuffling various job positions around like the pieces on his beloved chess board. He is so worried when things happen that aren’t in his control that he doubles down and exerts even more of his power in an attempt to regain that control — and the results this time could be disastrous.

Youngest son, Adam (Mark Grossman), has already muttered under his breath that losing his chance at regaining control of Newman Media means war. The last time he was at war with his father, he tried and almost succeeded in killing him. Nick (Joshua Morrow) is furious at his old man for essentially stealing Sharon’s (Sharon Case) company out from under them. Victoria is being forced to take her brother back at the company in the position her latest lover, Nate (Sean Dominic), has been enjoying. We don’t see that going over well.

Victor’s beloved wife Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) has been relegated to running a growing division — Newman Media, which will put her in the direct line of fire of Adam, has her saddled with a Chief Operating Officer she doesn’t trust — for good reason — in Audra (Zuleyka Silver), rather than working side by side with Victoria. We can’t see Nikki enjoying this all that much, either.

So this latest power play of Victor’s, in which he gave no heads-up to anyone involved, is poised to bite him in the end. Will he end up with a mutiny from everyone in his life? He’s certainly made that a bigger possibility than it was before this latest power play. Or, will Victor working in mysterious ways once again prove that he’s still got it and did the right thing for everyone? Time will tell.

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