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Why Nikki Newman’s Kidnapping Story Doesn’t Hold Up on Y&R

Why isn’t Claire thinking like a Y&R young person?

claire grace kidnaps nikki newman on the young and the restless.Claire Grace kidnaps Nikki Newman.

Claire is a The Young and the Restless millennial, right? So why did she plan to kidnap Nikki Newman like it’s the 1970s? Sure, her idea of luring Nikki to make a quick stop at her aunt’s house on her way to visit Casey in California, then to drug her and stash her away for reasons unknown, may have been a good idea when Nikki was Claire’s age.

Nikki Newman’s Abduction Has Holes

That was then, though, and this is now. How does Claire (Hayley Erin) plan for this to work in 2023? Here are reasons why Claire has screwed up Nikki’s (Melody Thomas Scott) abduction.

Reach Out and Touch Someone

Are we supposed to believe that a mover and shaker executive like Nikki — we’re not sure what she does exactly, but we keep being reassured it’s important — just takes off for vacation without telling anyone where she’s going?

Victor (Eric Braeden) is the one who encouraged her not to cancel her visit with Casey, so he definitely knows. And, considering the kind of control freak he is, are we supposed to believe he doesn’t ask his wife to not only describe her route to him but to keep him posted on where she is at all times? Nikki told him she agreed to drop Claire off at her aunt’s.

Last Minute Thoughts

Are we supposed to believe that a mover and shaker executive like Nikki can just fly on a plane for a few hours without checking her email or answering texts? Sure, she’s going on vacation. But she is very important! Even if assistant Claire made it so underlings can’t reach out to Nikki by redirecting her emails and texts, will Nikki be able to keep from checking in? And if not with her employees, how about with her kids? Or, once again, with control freak Victor? Sure, she’s reached out once and they didn’t suspect, but surely she’ll trip up soon.

In Tech

Finally, Claire does know that cell phones can be tracked, right? Even though she managed to snag Nikki’s while she was passed out, Claire didn’t smash it with a hammer. Nikki surely had the location tracking on as they made their way to the cabin. And this trail will lead the authorities straight to the place where it went dead, which is where they’ll start looking for her. Could it all be part of Claire’s devious plan? Perhaps. See any more holes we left out? Let us know in the comments section below.

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