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Why Isn’t Young and the Restless Doing More With Faith Newman?

The Young and the Restless Faith NewmanThe Young and the Restless Faith Newman

Faith Newman is basically The Young and the Restless royalty. She is the granddaughter of the great Victor Newman and his on-again-off-again-currently-on-again wife, Nikki Newman.

Young and the Restless Royalty

She is the daughter of one-time-maybe-will-be-again super-couple Nicholas Newman (Joshua Morrow) and Sharon Rosales (Sharon Case). And she is the baby girl a dying Cassie Newman (Camryn Grimes) predicted her parents having one day. She is basically heaven-sent. So why is the show wasting what could be a phenomenal character?

Y&R: Show Business

Faith (Reylynn Caster) currently made her dad sad and her grandpa ecstatic when she said she wanted to go to college to study business. Why isn’t she demanding an internship at Newman Enterprises, and lording it over her uncle, Adam Newman (Mark Grossman), now that he’s been demoted? She could even make it clear to her Aunt Victoria (Amelia Heinle) that if she’s hoping one of her brats will follow Victoria into the CEO chair, it’s got Faith’s name all over it!

Why isn’t she pitching new, Gen Z ideas to Grandpa Victor (Eric Braeden), making every other employee mutter epithets about Young People Today — and laying the groundwork for her takeover?

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Young and the Restless: The Business of Love

Have Faith and Moses Winters (Jacob Aaron Gaines) even kissed yet? Are they having sex? Thinking of having sex? Choosing not to have sex? Is there anything going on beyond their just being best pals? Not that there’s anything wrong with that. We have no problem with men and women being just friends. Just don’t try to make us believe something romantic is going on when it’s clearly not on-screen.

Y&R: All Better Now

Faith was being bullied. So she stole vodka, got drunk, and drove until she crashed. But then she did a couple of offscreen counseling sessions, and she’s all better now. Also, her bullying issues seem to have gone away. Either one of those could have been a more relatable dilemma for the teen audience Y&R is so desperately trying to attract. So what gives?

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