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Why Connor Newman’s Parents Finally Got It Right On Y&R

Adam Newman explained how the world works to his son.

Young and the Restless Adam Newman and Connor Newman

Unlike the invisible children of The Young and the Restless like Christian Newman, Bella and Miles Fisher, and Katie Abbott, Connor Newman was always the most important person to his parents, his grandparents, and even random strangers like Rey Rosales. Connor was sads? Rally the troops!

Connor Newman — Center of the Universe

Connor (Judah Mackey) was bored? Open the stables! Connor feels ignored? Everyone, quick, tell him how special he is! Chelsea Lawson (Melissa Claire Egan) and Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) were on their way to raising the most entitled, self-important brat who ever walked the Earth. Up until now.

They Got It Right

Sure, Connor managed to make his cousin/brother, Johnny Abbott (Paxton Mishkin) receiving the life-changing news that Chelsea was his biological mother all about himself, even somehow accusing Chelsea, who kept him and gave up Johnny, of loving Johnny more and preferring to be with him. But he had every right to be upset about how Chelsea was using him like an emotional crutch. And Adam had every right to call her out on it.

Young and the Restless: Not In Front of the Children

But Adam was also 100% right to keep his feelings about Chelsea’s inappropriate behavior to himself. When it came to talking to Connor, he was nothing but positive about his son’s mother. He assured Connor that he was entitled to his feelings and that he was entitled to express those feelings. Then reassure Connor that his mother would always love him and that she’d always forgive him, no matter what he might have said or done when he was angry.

We’re optimistic that this could be the first step to Connor realizing that he is not the center of the universe, that while his mom and dad love him unconditionally, other people have feelings too, and he needs to take them into account before he acts. There may be hope for this entitled Newman yet! (We’ve kind of given up on his elders, though.)

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