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What’s With These Young and the Restless Pointless Sick Kid Stories?

Why let real life intrude on our soaps?

Young and the Restless Harrison and Dominic

Everyone in the real world knows that having a sick kid is an inconvenience, so we’re not saying it should be any different on The Young and the Restless. But, in the real world, kids get sick for no reason (though inevitably in the middle of the night right before a major morning presentation at work, but that’s just how it goes).

Young and the Restless: Tell Us Why

Lots of things happen in the real world for no reason. It’s why we watch soaps. To watch things happen for a reason. Only, lately, Y&R seems to be bucking that trend — and we can’t figure out why.

Y&R: Blood Will Tell

When baby Dominic needed a bone marrow transplant, we hoped it meant Devon Hamilton (Bryton James) would turn out not to be his biological father after all. We were more convinced of that development than ever when Devon proved to be a perfect match — which is almost impossible for a parent to be. We waited, and we waited, and we waited for the big reveal.

But then nothing happened. And no one has mentioned a thing about it since. Unless the show is keeping the twist under wraps until Abby Newman Abbott Chancellor (Melissa Ordway) and Chance Chancellor (Conner Floyd) divorce, she and Devon get together to give Dominic “a family” — and Chance turns out to be the tot’s daddy, after all — then we don’t see the point of the entire exercise.

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Young and the Restless: The Sniffles

We’re wondering the same about the mad rush to take a feverish and sniffly Harrison Locke (Kellen Enriquez) to the hospital. It seemed like just a cold to us, but we figured with the fuss the show was making, something had to be really seriously wrong with Harrison, and it would lead to major drama.

But that, too, seems to have been dropped. All we got out of it was Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford), furious that Harrison wanted his Didi, Grandma Diane Jenkins (Susan Walters), to sit with him while he was unwell. But since Phyllis flies off the handle about anything and everything, that was hardly necessary. Our own sick kids are trouble enough. Why do we need to bother with someone else’s — for no payoff?

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