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What’s With Chance Chancellor’s Sudden Love For Y&R Fatherhood?

Why his petty revenge is bad for everyone.

Chance Chancellor on Young and the Restless

We honestly do not blame Chance Chancellor for having a hard time bonding with little Dominic on The Young and the Restless. First, he knew he wasn’t the boy’s biological father. Second, he wasn’t there for Mariah Copeland’s pregnancy, Abby delivering their son, or his first few months of life.

The Young and the Restless: Now, Fatherhood?!

Then, Chance (Conner Floyd) was suffering from PTSD, and he let Devon Hamilton (Bryton James) spend time with Dominic (played by River and Rainn Ware) for the boy’s own good. Finally, Devon asked for joint custody, and the Chancellors gave it to him. But once Chance and Abby (Melissa Ordway) decided they are getting a divorce, NOW Chance is ready to be Dom’s hand’s-on father? WHY?!

Petty Y&R Revenge

We get it, Chance, demanding equal time with Dominic is a great way to kick Abby and Devon in the teeth. Which they both richly deserve. But forget them: What about the emotional toll this is taking on you, Chance? Every time you look at wee, adorable Dominic, how can you not think about what his lousy parents did to you? It isn’t worth it!

We understand if you were bonded to him before. If you’d raised him for over a year then, yeah, we’d be all over you claiming your paternal rights. But, you didn’t. You’re basically a stranger to him.

The Young and the Restless: Children’s Rights

Which brings us to the true innocent victim in all of this: Dominic. If, as we said above, you’d been his dad from Day One, then your continuing to spend time with him would have been for Dom’s own good.

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But you weren’t. And now, you’re insisting on it – and taking him out in that stroller built for an infant when the kid is already walking and talking – is actually just going to confuse and upset him.

Yes, his parents are terrible people who did you wrong, Chance. But Dom doesn’t deserve to pay for that. Leave him with Abby and Devon, and move on with your life. You can have a real family with a woman who doesn’t cheat on you. It’s best for everyone.

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