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What Victor’s Doomed Plan To Keep Nikki In The Dark Said About Him on Y&R

This was never about Nikki or Jordan on Y&R.

nikki newman and victor newman on the young and the restless.What was Victor thinking?

Victor went full Victor Newman on The Young and the Restless. He learned that the prison where Jordan was being held experienced a mysterious fire. Jordan is nowhere to be found. Which means she is either burned to ash…or on the loose and headed for Genoa City. Victor was very worried.

What Was Victor Thinking?

He told Victoria (Amelia Heinle) how worried he was, and Victoria told Cole (J. Eddie Peck). He told Nick (Joshua Morrow) how worried he is. But he had no intention of telling Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott). In fact, he ordered the rest of his family not to tell Nikki.

She has enough on her plate, struggling to stay on the wagon. She needed to be protected (Jordan’s portrayer, Colleen Zenk discusses her character’s plans here). How exactly did Victor (Eric Braeden) intend to pull that off? It took Nikki literally five minutes to discover the truth Victor was so hell-bent on keeping from her. Maybe Nate (Sean Dominic) was right. Maybe Victor really is losing his marbles. Did he not think of the following?

Big News

A prison burning down and inmates disappearing is kind of big news. We assume Jordan wasn’t the only inmate being held there. Other dangerous people may have escaped too. That’s the kind of story that gets press coverage.

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Local press coverage. And national press coverage too. Between newspapers (remember those?), television, radio, blogs, and social media, the story is going to get mentioned. More than once. Nikki can read. Nikki can listen. Nikki can scroll. And, oh, yeah, Nikki runs a media company.

Home Page

We realize that, as CEO, Nikki doesn’t personally approve every story her platform publishes. But, surely, she gets reports on what content is doing well. She doesn’t log on a couple of times a day just to see how they’re doing?

Now, sure, Victor can order a media blackout on the outlets he owns. And they’ll obey him. (Again, how that edict will bypass Nikki, we’re not sure.) But then, Newman Media not running a story that affects the Newman family will become a story of its own. With even more media coverage. That Victor somehow expected Nikki not to notice. Heck, the only way we can imagine her not noticing was if Victor got her drunk. Which would defeat a whole lot of points.

Side Note

Considering how futile the entire plan was from the start, and considering how everything that happens needs to be about Victor, we can only assume that the point of this story beat was never about Jordan. It wasn’t even about Nikki. It was about how the great Victor Newman is losing his touch and can no longer control his loved ones the way he used to. And that is a story we are so, so here for.

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