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This Is Phyllis Summers’s Real Y&R Goal For Danny

Danny is just her Y&R excuse.

danny romalotti and phyllis summers on the young and the restless.Danny Romalotti isn't really Phyllis's top priority.

Phyllis threw herself at Danny on The Young and the Restless. And then she threw herself at him again. And then she misplaced the majority of her clothes. In public. Phyllis says it’s because she misses Danny. Phyllis says it’s because she loves Danny. But is she telling the truth?

The One That Got Away

Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) came to Genoa City to entrap Danny (Michael Damian). Sure, she’s been with other men since – Jack (Peter Bergman), Nick (Joshua Morrow)….but they were just rebounds. Phyllis never lets go of anything. Once she digs her teeth in, those teeth are never coming out. She wanted Danny once. She will want Danny forever. Both in and out of clothing.

The Hard Way

Phyllis could try getting Danny back by being a nice person. But that’s not how she rolls. Phyllis doesn’t know how to be a nice person. She only knows how to scheme, even when schemes aren’t necessary. So she’ll keep doing it. Even as it pushes Danny further and further away.

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The Real Deal

Because, in the end, Danny isn’t Phyllis’ priority. Christine (Lauralee Bell) is. It’s not that Phyllis wants to win. She primarily wants Christine to lose. Christine once kept Phyllis, Danny, and Daniel from being a happy family. And then she refused to stand still while Phyllis tried to hit her with her car. What kind of woman lets an innocent man get mowed down in her place?

Danny deserves someone better than that! If he can’t see it, Phyllis can. Once she has gotten him away from Christien, he’ll see what a bullet he dodged. And be grateful to Phyllis. Forever. She, Danny, Danny, and now Lucy (Lily Brooks O’Brian) can be the family they were always destined to be. She’ll even deal with Heather (Vail Bloom) if she has to. Christine, who?

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