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SoapHub Editors Face Off on Nick’s Young and the Restless Loose Lips

Did Nick Newman make the right Y&R call about Sally?

young and the restless victoria newman listened as nick newman spilled his gutsShould Nick Newman have spilled Sally's life details?

Just like The Young and the Restless fans never agree on everything — Should Jack be with Phyllis or Diane? Is Victor right in his treatment of Adam? How many parents does Dominic need? — neither do the SoapHub editors. After Nick confided to Victoria about his dilemma with Sally: She’s pregnant, but Nick may not be the father.

Young and the Restless Faceoff

Soap Hub’s Alina Adams and Diane Brounstein disagreed on the appropriateness of his actions. Just like we let fans vote on what they’d like to see happen on their favorite shows, here’s a point/counterpoint regarding Nick’s recent oversharing.

Sally Spectra: My Body, My Choice

Alina says: OK, I admit. I don’t get why either Sally (Courtney Hope) or Nick (Joshua Morrow) are debating what to tell Adam (Mark Grossman) about her pregnancy until they know for certain who the father is. If it’s Adam’s baby, then yeah, sure, they can discuss how to not just fit him in, but how to fit Adam into the life they are planning together. But if he’s not, what’s the point of letting him know he was ever in the running?

That said, this is still a pretty personal issue. Sally and Sally only should get to decide who gets to hear about her dilemma. She told Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson). Her choice. She told Nick. Her choice. She told Sharon (Sharon Case). We have no idea why, but still, her choice.

Maybe Sally doesn’t want her boyfriend’s sister to be filled in on the inner workings of her uterus. Remember privacy? Did Nick tell Sally he’d be broadcasting to Victoria (Amelia Heinle)? If he gets a vote in who and how she’ll bring up her baby, shouldn’t Sally at least get a vote on who gets told about their unconventional, modern family arrangement?

What do you think? Post a comment!

Especially since, if the baby turns out to be Nick’s, all the drama will be for nothing? And Sally will not only have to bring up her child under Victor’s (Eric Braeden) glowering eye, but also with Nick’s entire family knowing the baby might not have been his, and periodically wondering if she (we’re pretty sure it’s going to be a girl) actually is? Nick choosing to play town crier was incredibly insensitive of him, and Sally can rightly see it as a betrayal.

Young and the Restless: Not So Fast

Meanwhile, Diane says: So why is Sally allowed to talk to someone about what’s happening to her, but if Nick does the same, it’s a betrayal? These are big issues for him — can he still have a life with Sally if he’s not the father of her baby? He has every right to confide in someone, and his big sister has always been his rock. It’s not only ridiculous for Sally to feel betrayed, but it’s also a bit hypocritical.

So that’s what these two editors of SoapHub think. What do you all think? Let us know your take on the situation in the comments section below.

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