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Soap Hub Performer of the Week For The Young and the Restless: Melissa Claire Egan

Chelsea and Adam The Young and the RestlessChelsea and Adam The Young and the Restless

Soap Hub editors are singling out performances on each soap opera bestowing Performer of the Week honors upon a player from each show. This week’s honors for The Young and the Restless go to Melissa Claire Egan, whose character Chelsea has gone from playing con artist to captive.

Melissa Claire Egan: Performer Of The Week

Exasperated over Adam’s (Mark Grossman) secrecy and continued feelings for Sharon (Sharon Case), Chelsea felt she had no chance but to move on with her life. Her love for Adam is still clear, but Chelsea has a habit of walking out when her life gets a little too comfortable – not that Adam made her feel that secure!

So, Chelsea left Adam and began staying with pals Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson) and Kevin (Greg Rikaart). Chelsea appeared relaxed for a change hanging out with her BFF, but Chloe sensed that something was wrong, especially after Chelsea said she was going to talk to Chance (Donny Boaz) about a problem – and that it wasn’t worth mentioning. Chloe wasn’t buying it but decided to give her pal some space.

Anticipating Chance at the door, Chelsea opened it – only to instantly realize she was facing someone who meant to do her harm. We next saw Chelsea waking up on a cot in a room with minimal furnishings. Realizing she’d been kidnapped, Chelsea surmised that Adam, whom she suspected of planning something nefarious, had arranged for her abduction.

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Egan brings a great amount of charm and confidence to Chelsea – it’s part of the character’s con-woman style and appeal. Watching her struggle with having no control over her current situation allowed Egan to play emotions we normally don’t get to see her character emote – frustration, anger, and fear.

Chelsea drank some water, but that may have been a mistake. She woke up, apparently having been drugged, unable to even successfully get off the cot. It appeared as if her problems were over when Billy (Jason Thompson) appeared, but his unfriendly tone made it apparent that Chelsea was having a hallucination, likely due to that water being drugged!

We last saw Chelsea trying to use some of the wirings in the frame of the cot to escape her prison. The character may have been kidnapped, but Egan has always infused Chelsea with confidence and the ability to get out of any jam. Will she escape her prison and get even with her abductor? Our money’s on her! The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS. Check local listings for air times.

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