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Soap Hub Performer of the Week for The Young and the Restless: Elizabeth Hendrickson

Elizabeth Hendrickson The Young and the RestlessElizabeth Hendrickson The Young and the Restless

They say the best defense is a strong offense! That’s certainly the stance Chloe took last week on The Young and the Restless after Adam accused her of sending text messages to Sharon on his behalf.

Elizabeth Hendrickson: Performer of the Week

Chloe (Elizbeth Hendrickson) had to think fast on her feet, defending herself, taking any attention away from her pal Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan), who’s lying about the recovery she’s made since suffering a stroke.

For playing Chloe, in which Chloe “played” and tried to con Adam (Mark Grossman), Soap Hub is bestowing Performer of the Week honors on Daytime Emmy-nominee Elizabeth Hendrickson.

Chloe went into attack mode after Adam accused her of sending misleading texts to Sharon (Sharon Case). She shot looks at “stroke-ridden” Chelsea that read “trust me. I’ll take care of this.” Chelsea could do nothing but sit there and perhaps occasionally blink as Chloe went on the offense.

Whenever lying, which, technically, Chloe was doing, it’s always best to incorporate as much of the truth as possible. Fortunately, Chloe and Adam have a lot of history, and none of it good. (He accidentally struck and killed her daughter Delia, played by Sophie Pollono, and, over the years, Chloe has executed various revenge schemes on Adam in order to seek justice.)

So, Chloe blasted Adam with a handful of truth bombs as she continued to deny any involvement in the messages sent to Sharon.

If she could have, Chelsea would have stood up on her feet and applauded her pal for her delivery. However, Chelsea wasn’t going to let Chloe’s performance be for naught. The con artist stayed in her wheelchair, marveling at Chloe blasting Adam and watching her anger escalate.

“Nice job, Chloe,” Chelsea said in a voice-over, prerecorded by Egan. “Now, bring it home.”

Hendrickson found the balance between Chloe truly believing what she was saying to Adam, hoping to keep him off-guard and from suspecting Chelsea had her faculties back, and drawing on her true feelings for Adam.

“I would never risk my happiness or my family’s and I would never let myself get caught up in that vicious cycle because YOU are not worth it!” Chloe told Adam, who couldn’t help but find her words convincing.

There was one last quick look between Chloe and Chelsea as if to say “I hope we pulled this off.” They did thanks to Hendrickson’s tour-de-force (and her performance within the tour-de-force). But we know Adam won’t rest until he uncovers the truth! The Young and the Restless (YR) airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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