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On the Couch: Why Is Y&R’s Jack Abbott Obsessed With Diane?

The real reason Jack is so determined to tie the Y&R knot.

jack abbott of young and the restless gets his turn on the soap hub couch.It's time to put Jack Abbott on the couch.

When The Young and the Restless viewers first met Jabot scion, Jack Abbott, he was a playboy who didn’t care who he hurt as long as he got what he wanted — and had a good time getting it. He matured over the years. He even fell sincerely in love. There was Luan, the mother of his first child, Keemo. There was Phyllis.

On The Couch: Jack Abbott

Until she cheated on him with his brother. There was Sharon (Sharon Case). And, of course, Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott). But, these days, Jack (Peter Bergman) isn’t just in love with Diane (Susan Walters). He’s obsessed with her. What makes this woman different from all the others? We slide him onto our couch for a peek inside the mind of Smilin’ Jack.

Early Y&R Days

One of the women whom Jack (then-Terry Lester) used and abused back in his wilder days was Patty Williams. He seduced her, deflowered her, and married her to prove to his daddy that he was a big, grown-up boy who should be allowed to take over the family company.

On his wedding day to Patty, Jack was found in bed with Diane (then-Alex Donnelley) by Ashley (Eileen Davidson). The affair continued even after vows were exchanged until a pregnant Patty caught Jack and Diane together and miscarried.

Jack Abbott: Sins of the Mother

Jack and Diane were on and off for many years through many of his marriages. They had a son, Kyle. And then Diane faked her death for about a decade. But then she came back. And she and Jack fell in love again. And planned to get married. No matter what Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) said. No matter what Nikki said. No matter what Ashley said. Why is Jack so determined to make this happen in the face of such resistance?

Young and the Restless: Worth Your While

Because his guilt is crippling. Jack’s affair with Diane literally drove Patty insane. Jack’s relationship with Diane seems to have driven Phyllis insane. And Ashley. Jack’s relationship with Diane has caused so much damage that the only way he can justify it is if it’s true love.

If Jack can convince himself that Diane is who he was always meant to be with, that he should have married her back then, before Patty, before everyone, then he can justify all the havoc. He has to marry Diane. She has to be the love of his life. Or else he’s spent 40 years doing the wrong thing. For the wrong reasons.

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