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Next Young and Restless Victim: Has Phyllis Summers Destroyed Her Best Friends?

Can Michael and Lauren survive her Y&R death?

phyllis summers plot may have taken down lauren and michael's marriage on young and the restless.Will Lauren and Michael Baldwin's marriage be a casualty of Phyllis's plotting?

When Phyllis Summers revealed herself to Summer on The Young and the Restless, she made a list of all the lives Diane had destroyed to justify her faking her death and framing Diane for murder. But what about all the lives Phyllis has destroyed? Or what about all the lives she’s about to?

Young and the Restless: Friends Forever

In her fury over hubby Michael (Christian Le Blanc) choosing to defend Diane (Susan Walters), Lauren (Tracey Bregman) ran with that sentiment, saying that, no matter what, Diane had blood on her hands. Now let’s take a look at Phyllis’s hands, shall we?

Forget the abuse Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) is dumping on poor Summer (Allison Lanier). Forget Jack’s (Peter Bergman) grief, and Daniel’s (Michael Graziadei), and Billy’s (Jason Thompson). How about the wedge Phyllis is driving into Lauren and Michael’s marriage, like a stake through the heart?

Y&R: Truth and Consequences

Lauren has made it clear that she will never forgive Michael if Diane is found not guilty. Since Diane is, in fact, innocent, Michael is, in fact, a good lawyer, and Jack is, in fact, a rich man, the odds are actually on the side of Diane walking. So what will Lauren do then? Will she leave Michael? Cheat on him? Say things to him that can never be taken back and no couple can overcome?

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Phyllis Summers: Young and the Restless Fault Lines

Whose fault will that be, then? It will be Phyllis’s fault. It will be all Phyllis’s fault. She’ll revert to her old stand-by and blame Diane. But it will be all Phyllis’s fault.

Sure, her kids will eventually forgive her. Even Kyle (Michael Mealor) and Jack will eventually forgive her, if only for Summer’s sake. Heck, for all we know, Michael and Lauren will eventually forgive her. But will they ever forgive each other? Does Phyllis care?

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