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Jack Abbott Needs a New Heir: Time for Allie’s Y&R Return

Jack Abbott needs to find his next in line.

will allie nguyen be jack abbott's new heir on young and the restless?Jack Abbott and Allie Nguyen on Y&R.

Kyle has decided he’s worked hard enough on The Young and the Restless. If his father and uncle refuse to get out of the way and hand over a major international conglomerate for Kyle to run simply because he stomped his foot and demanded it, well, then, he is out of there! He is taking his ball and going home. Good luck running Jabot without…whatever it is Kyle was doing there. So now Jack and Billy, John Abbott’s sons, are running the family company. But, who can they groom for the next generation?

Young and the Restless: Jack Abbott’s Protégé

Jack’s (Peter Bergman) grandson, Harrison (Kellen Enriquez), is a bit young for the Junior Executive Training Program. As is Ashley’s (Eileen Davidson) grandson, Dominic. There’s Ashley’s daughter, Abby (Melissa Ordway), but, she’s an afterthought with both the Abbott and Newman families. So they’re all non-starters.

Y&R: Remember Me, Grandpa

But Jack also has a granddaughter. Allie (Kelsey Wang), daughter of Jack’s long lost late son, Keemo. Not only is Allie an adult, unlike Kyle (Michael Mealor), she went to college and everything. And, on her own merits, not thanks to family connections. Allie even has a degree in something useful to perfume making: Chemistry. She is currently working at Jabot’s Paris division. Maybe, it’s time to bring her home?

Young and the Restless: Next in Line

While Kyle is busy throwing a hissy fit and thinking he’s smarter than not just everyone in his family, but Tucker (Trevor St. John) and Audra (Zuleyka Silver) too, Jack can groom another heir. One who is smarter, more qualified, and much, much less entitled.

Yeah, Allie is in Europe so she can hang out with Noah (Rory Gibson) but if it’s a choice between a boyfriend and an empire, what smart girl can resist? Noah can return to Genoa City with her, too, we don’t really care. It’s time for Allie to step front and center and claim her spot in the Abbott empire!

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