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His Own Man: What’s Noah Planning on The Young and the Restless?

Young and the Restless Noah and NickYoung and the Restless Noah and Nick

When Noah Newman first returned to The Young and the Restless last year, he made it clear that he was only in town for a while. He had an awesome career as an artist happening in London, and he was itching to get back to that. But then, for no reason that he made public — save being dumped by an English rose Noah had no interest in talking about — Noah decided to stick around.

Young and the Restless: A New Hope?

He pined over Tessa Porter (Cait Fairbanks) for a while. He joined his dad at New Hope. Everything seemed to be going great. Until Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) announced he’d be moving on to Newman Enterprises and Noah would be taking over. Isn’t that great, son? Son was less than pleased.

Y&R: On the One Hand

In Noah’s (Rory Gibson) defense, his dad didn’t exactly ask him if he wanted to be the main man at New Hope now. He just kind of dumped it as a done deal in Noah’s lap. Considering how Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) spent Nick’s entire life telling him who he would be and how he would be it, we expected super-dad Nick to be a bit more sensitive. Maybe a chat with his boy first? A head’s up? An email? A text?

Young and the Restless: On the Other Hand

Then again, Noah has led a charmed life. The primary reason he was able to live the artist’s life in England — and then drop it without a second thought to move back to Genoa City and design album covers only for artists he wanted to sleep with again — was because he didn’t have to, oh, what is that word the peasants use — work for a living?

Noah has never had to do anything he didn’t want to do because he had a nice trust fund to cushion his fall. So now that his dad needs a bit of a hand, running a non-profit for the homeless, no less, maybe Noah can swallow his generally spoiled brat tendencies and step in to help for a few months? A year? We know he’s all bummed, and we’re sympathetic…up to a point.

Nick may not have handled it in the best way possible. But would it kill Noah to think of someone other than himself for a change?

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