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Did Young and the Restless’ Victoria Just Give Up Her Leverage Against Ashland?

Young and the Restless Billy, Ashland and VictoriaYoung and the Restless Billy, Ashland and Victoria

When Victoria Newman returned to The Young and the Restless, she assured Victor Newman that she’d made it so Ashland Locke could never get revenge on their family.

Young and the Restless Head-Scratcher

If Ashland (Robert Newman) so much as tries to come after them, Victoria (Amelia Heinle) will spill the beans about how he faked his cancer – and this will ruin Ashland in the business world… somehow. (Personally, we think it just might make all the liars and schemers who make up Wall Street just love him more!)

Comfortably Smug

Oh, how Victor (Eric Braeden) lauded his daughter’s brilliance. She’s a chip off the old block, that’s what Victoria is. She’s a chess master of the highest order, pining Ashland into a corner like this. They are now utterly invulnerable to him now!

Young and the Restless: Meanwhile, Two Seconds Later…

Victoria caught up with her ex-husband Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson), so he could compliment her on her brilliance at cutting Ashland loose. Victoria, once again, confirmed what a good job she did. And then Victoria asked Billy for a favor: Would he expose Ashland on his radio podcast? Since it is, despite what Billy told Chelsea Lawson (Melissa Claire Egan) about his flattening audience, allegedly the hottest news outlet in the world.

As You Wish

Sure, Billy shrugged. Anything for Victoria – and to stick it to Ashland.

So… are our ears deceiving us… or did Victoria assure her parents that the thing that will keep them safe from Ashland’s revenge is their threatening to expose his cancer lie… and then turned and asked Billy to expose Ashland’s cancer lie… thus completely nullifying whatever leverage they thought they had?

Is this the brilliance Victor was lauding just the other day? Is this how a chess player sets up for Victory. Are we only thinking two steps ahead, while Victoria is already in her endgame? Is it less stupid than it seems?

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